Hang On The Box

Vrai Nom:
挂在盒子上 (guà zài hézi shàng)
Hang On The Box are a Chinese all-female punk band from Beijing, China fronted by Wang Yue with Yi Li Na (bass), Li Yan Fan (guitar), and Shen Jing (drums). The group debuted in 1998 and recorded/released their first album "Yellow Banana" in 2000. The band have recorded 5 albums. Hang On The Box has toured around mainland China, Hong Kong, UnitedStares, and Japan and are one of the most popular rock bands to emerge from mainland China. Yang Fan left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Gan Xin Pu. Shen Jing left the band in 2005 and eventually co-started the electronic/industrial duo "White" with Jeff Zhang (frontman of Carsick Cars) in January of 2006.
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