XLEP 5102 Lenny Dee - Looney Tunes - Volume One illustration d'album Frankie "Bones"* & Lenny "Dee"* Frankie "Bones"* & Lenny "Dee"* - Looney Tunes - Volume One (EP) Nu Groove Records XLEP 5102 Benelux 1989 Vendre cette version
NG-050 Lenny Dee - Looney Tunes II illustration d'album Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee - Looney Tunes II (EP) Nu Groove Records NG-050 US 1990 Vendre cette version
HTCD 9716-2 Lenny Dee - Essential Funk From Brooklyn illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli Lenny Dee & Victor Simonelli - Essential Funk From Brooklyn Hot Productions HTCD 9716-2 US 1995 Vendre cette version
TMC68CD Lenny Dee - IFS4 - Chillin Is Killin illustration d'album Lenny Dee IFS4 - Chillin Is Killin(2xCD, Comp) The Music Cartel TMC68CD US 2002 Vendre cette version
PKGCD 23 Lenny Dee - Noise Brûlée illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Radium Lenny Dee & Radium - Noise Brûlée(CD, Album) Psychik Genocide PKGCD 23 France 2005 Vendre cette version
SBMB 017 Lenny Dee - Total Destruction Vol.5 illustration d'album Lenny Dee / HKV Lenny Dee / HKV - Total Destruction Vol.5(CDr, Mix) Superbad MIDI Breaks SBMB 017 Japan 2014 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

MAGDT 2 Lenny Dee - Everything Bamboo illustration d'album Lenny D* & Tommy Musto Lenny D* & Tommy Musto - Everything Bamboo Magnetic Dance MAGDT 2 UK & Ireland 1987 Vendre cette version
XLT-5 Lenny Dee - Just As Long As I Got You illustration d'album Frankie "Bones"* & Lenny "Dee"* Frankie "Bones"* & Lenny "Dee"* - Just As Long As I Got You (EP, Single) XL Recordings XLT-5 Belgium 1989 Vendre cette version
DD 2 Lenny Dee - Drumdrops Vol. 2 (Essential Break Beats & Loops) illustration d'album Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee - Drumdrops Vol. 2 (Essential Break Beats & Loops)(12") Big Break DD 2 US 1989 Vendre cette version
RAD 31, HAL 12281 Lenny Dee - Dark Matter illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Nico Lenny Dee & Nico - Dark Matter(12") Radikal Records, Hot Productions RAD 31, HAL 12281 US 1991 Vendre cette version
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ETC 131 Lenny Dee - Untitled illustration d'album Lenny Dee Untitled(12") ETC ETC 131 Belgium 1992 Vendre cette version
EDGE 10 Lenny Dee - *10 illustration d'album Lenny Dee vs. DJ Edge Lenny Dee vs. DJ Edge - *10 Edge Records EDGE 10 UK 1993 Vendre cette version
MOK 14 Lenny Dee - Mokum Traxxx illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - Mokum Traxxx(12") Mokum Records MOK 14 Netherlands 1993 Vendre cette version
CLR 5202 Lenny Dee - Spasm / Meta. 1 / Hypnotic Trance illustration d'album Spasm (10) / Lenny Dee / Nebula Nine Spasm (10) / Lenny Dee / Nebula Nine - Spasm / Meta. 1 / Hypnotic Trance(12") Ultra Ethereal CLR 5202 US 1993 Vendre cette version
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Shoop 20 Lenny Dee - Hardcore Trax Vol.1 illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Hardcore Trax Vol.1 Shoop! Shoop 20 UK 1994 Vendre cette version
ROT 033 Lenny Dee - Round One illustration d'album Lenny Dee Versus DJ Paul* Lenny Dee Versus DJ Paul* - Round One Rotterdam Records ROT 033 Netherlands 1994 Vendre cette version
none Lenny Dee - Metal / Raw illustration d'album Lenny Dee Metal / Raw(Acetate, 10") Copymasters none UK 1994 Vendre cette version
RB003 Lenny Dee - A Weekend In Bklyn Part I illustration d'album Lenny Dee & Dark Raver* Lenny Dee & Dark Raver* - A Weekend In Bklyn Part I Ruff Beats Records RB003 US 1995 Vendre cette version
MOSH 150CD, IRS 996.150 Lenny Dee - Industrial Strength illustration d'album Lenny Dee Industrial Strength (Comp) Earache, Earache, Industrial Strength Records MOSH 150CD, IRS 996.150 Australia 1995 Vendre cette version
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SH LTD 02, SH Lmtd. 02 Lenny Dee - I've Made A Change / Worst illustration d'album Lenny Dee Vs. The Speed Freak Lenny Dee Vs. The Speed Freak - I've Made A Change / Worst Shockwave Recordings SH LTD 02, SH Lmtd. 02 Germany 1995 Vendre cette version
RB009 Lenny Dee - Muthafuckin Drum Machine illustration d'album Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo Lenny Dee & DJ Gizmo - Muthafuckin Drum Machine Ruff Beats Records RB009 US 1996 Vendre cette version
LD 001 Lenny Dee - Emotional Response illustration d'album Lenny Dee Emotional Response LD Records (3) LD 001 US 1996 Vendre cette version

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28 juin 2020
I don't understand why so many Lenny Dee releases are classified as "Hardcore". Lenny Dee is "Gabber"


2 mars 2020
Remember hearing Lenny Dee scratching up the extreme techno on a big love 1993 mix. Absolutely mind blowing. He's always managed to make an often derided artform sound like nothing else. Also loved that that cut n scratch raw hardcore DJ style which seem to hear less often in the digital age. Industrial strength records also has some seminal releases connecting the dots with the whole spectrum of electronic music that still resonates to this day. Respect to the Lenny Dee.


16 janvier 2019
My first introduction to lenny dee was a tape from "Sterns" the legendary club in Worthing around 92. What I heard pricked my ears up and blew my tiny mind! After a few more tapes came my way including one from "pure" in Edinburgh I was a proper fan. The energy and tunes coming out of the speakers then and now still is unrivalled. Bollocks to the lot that slate his mixing and dj ability I have seen him rock a party like no other - he is a master of his craft. Track listing his mixes took me years as he played so many tunes in an hour or so its unreal, some I was convinced were one track. He was, and is still referred to as "god" by a lot of scottish ravers including myself. I have seen him play numerous times and loved every second. These days I'm proud to say we are friends after a chance meeting at my mates house still don't quite believe I know him personally! He knows how much of a fan i am and even phoned me to tell him the last track he played at sterns as he couldn't remember lol. The man is an out and out legend, a human dynamo responsible for so many artists and music being around today. To this day he still pumps out cutting edge music and plays as hard as he did when i first heard him. Still at the top of his game and playing all round the world he has flown well over a million miles. I'm happy to say i have played at some gigs with the man himself, a true gentleman and extremely humble not like the self obsessed pricks these days. Thats all i'm saying incase jules gets jealous :D

the dee man in the zone forever ;) smell yer maw x


24 novembre 2016
I saw Lenny play at a couple of rezerection nights at Inglston,Edinburgh and whilst I have to say his djing ability wasn't up there with the likes of the producer or carl cox,I now realise that he was most likely too busy producing classic material which the aforementioned DJs may well have been playing.some 20-25 years later,the amount of records I still buy from back then (didn't have the money at the time!) is staggering! The man is a stone cold legend and I would say he has done as much for techno as any of the big guys,and certainly more than anyone I can think of in terms of hardcore techno.a living legend and no mistake.


19 janvier 2015
Yeah been priviledged enough to play with him twice when he's been down under to Perth - in 97 & in 2014 - the man's a flippin legend, a complete nutcase when he's "in the zone" & my god the sets this chap has dropped over the years (whether it be his infamous Sterns 92, Holland, Germany, Oz, USA etc etc) make him worthy of the World Dance scene's applause - as has been said here not many ppl stick like he has to the hard edge & still push it always all these years later. On top of that he's a the most down-to-earth genuine bloke that goes out of his way to chat to the punters w/out ego...the kinda DJ for DJs & yet still a raver at heart at the same time (if that makes sense). Absolute ResPekt for the guy, his DJ'ing, his production & HUGE contribution to the scene.


21 juin 2014
Ah... Mr Dee, I recall him fondly. I used to go and see him DJ at Pure in Edinburgh in the early 90's, he just blew your head apart. You could tell instantly when he came on (you could hardly see at times in that place with the smoke machine); the noise level went up, and he would introduce himself with some crunching noise like a hammer repeatedly hitting an anvil or something, then he would take you on his hardcore voyage. I loved him, never missed him when he was playing there.

He is an excellent DJ, around the same time, Atkins, May, Baxter, Folwkes, Hawtin etc all used to play sets at Pure, but Lenny for me was the best DJ, he always delivered. Great nightclub was Pure, bringing along these top DJ's.

Lennys best music for me was his work on Rising High and Sapho record labels, Knightphantom or Dominatrix EP's, Hardcore with plenty of rhythm and innovation.

I salute you Sir.


15 avril 2013
Lennys contribution to the edm scene is awesome. He doesn't get the credit he deserves.


2 janvier 2009
Being at a hardcore party when Lenny's spinning, whether it be in Brooklyn, Syracuse, or somewhere across the globe is a mind-bending experience. Owning the dance floor is way to simple of a term to explain this man's ability to take the sound system to its fullest potential. Many times I would think to myself "This is this amplifier's last leg. There are no electronics that can handle this kind of abuse." At one point I wondered if he used titanium cartridges. But that's Lenny Dee. When he's on there is nothing else happening. And if there is, it's people running for the quiet solace of their beds. I've often felt sorry for the people that couldn't handle the music and ended up leaving early.

If you are brave enough to experience hardcore, you should dance to Lenny Dee.



22 octobre 2006
edité over 15 years ago
20 years ago right now, we were neighborhood rivals. Growing up in Brooklyn could in fact be Teenage Wasteland.
But Lenny Dee was destined to make a long life from Electronic Music. 1985 would be the first year that Lenny Dee, Omar Santana and myself would find our names on vinyl releases. And they all were on Hip Hop records. Then by chance it was a mutual friend who gave us a chance to make our own records. Tommy Musto just started in-house production at 25 West Records and in 1987, Nugroove and Fourth Floor Records became a place we called home. Lenny produced Fallout "The Morning After" which Warp Records included on its "Influences" project and what followed was release after release of influential works. Even the tiny projects such as "Drumdrops" would become the template for
Snap "The Power". This being a horn blast I watched Lenny do live scratching on a 1200 in my tiny studio.

He then formed The Brooklyn Funk Essentials with Victor Simonelli while working for Arthur Baker at Shakedown Studios. Lenny was now rubbing elbows with people like Nile Rogers from Chic and Arthur took a liking to what he was hearing and a ton of remix work followed. Then Lenny became friends with The KLF which led to more projects and soonafter formed his own Industrial Strength Records.

What Lenny Did totally on his own merit was create a big chunk of Hardcore Gabba music which might have been based in Holland as history goes, but Brooklyn's own from day one. All the biggest names in the Dutch Scene credit him as an inspiration and Lenny continues his legacy to this day. Whereas many people think a scene has come and gone, it has'nt for Lenny. He is playing his style, his way, today, tomorrow and if history repeats itself forever. A good guy with a great history is a man like Lenny Dee.

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