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Mike Parker
Based in Buffalo, NY (USA), Mike Parker teaches art at the university level (drawing, printmaking, time-based media) as well as producing and occasionally exhibiting his own visual arts, all on top of his music. He DJs and also has been known to perform live.

Earlier in his musical career he produced experimental/noise music, at one point as a member of the group P. Children. Later, he was part of the duo Trybet, and currently works mostly as a solo artist. His label, Geophone features hand printed jackets that reflect the abstract nature of his music productions.

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GPHCD01, GPHCD001 Mike Parker - Dispatches illustration d'album Mike Parker Dispatches (Album) Geophone, Geophone GPHCD01, GPHCD001 US 2001 Vendre cette version
PRGLP004 Mike Parker - Lustrations illustration d'album Mike Parker Lustrations (Album) Prologue PRGLP004 Germany 2013 Vendre cette version

Singles & EPs

DR 026 Mike Parker - Circulation illustration d'album Mike Parker Circulation(12") Defective Records DR 026 US 1997 Vendre cette version
DR 022 Mike Parker - Resonator EP illustration d'album Mike Parker Resonator EP(12", EP) Defective Records DR 022 US 1997 Vendre cette version
GPH02 Mike Parker - Shakuhachi illustration d'album Mike Parker Shakuhachi Geophone GPH02 US 1998 Vendre cette version
GPH03 Mike Parker - Vertebrae Waltz illustration d'album Mike Parker Vertebrae Waltz Geophone GPH03 US 1998 Vendre cette version
GPH05 Mike Parker - Drain Hum illustration d'album Mike Parker Drain Hum (EP) Geophone GPH05 US 1999 Vendre cette version
GPH04 Mike Parker - Voiceprint illustration d'album Mike Parker Voiceprint (EP) Geophone GPH04 US 1999 Vendre cette version
GPH06 Mike Parker - Melencolia illustration d'album Mike Parker Melencolia Geophone GPH06 US 2000 Vendre cette version
GPH08 Mike Parker - Amalgamated illustration d'album Mike Parker Amalgamated (EP) Geophone GPH08 US 2001 Vendre cette version
GPH07 Mike Parker - Copper Variations illustration d'album Mike Parker Copper Variations Geophone GPH07 US 2000 Vendre cette version
INT003 Mike Parker - Highway Oil  illustration d'album Mike Parker Highway Oil (EP) Integrated Recordings INT003 US 2002 Vendre cette version
LD004 Mike Parker - Light And Dark Part Four illustration d'album Mike Parker Light And Dark Part Four (EP) Light And Dark LD004 UK 2002 Vendre cette version
AZR1203 Mike Parker - Counteractions illustration d'album Adam Jay vs. Mike Parker Adam Jay vs. Mike Parker - Counteractions (EP) Azure Records AZR1203 US 2002 Vendre cette version
GPH09 Mike Parker - Caesura illustration d'album Mike Parker Caesura Geophone GPH09 US 2003 Vendre cette version
GPH10 Mike Parker - Inversions Vol. 1 illustration d'album Mike Parker Inversions Vol. 1 (EP) Geophone GPH10 US 2004 Vendre cette version
OGG004 Mike Parker - Substratum illustration d'album Mike Parker Substratum Orange Groove OGG004 Germany 2005 Vendre cette version
GPH12 Mike Parker - Inversions, Vol. 3 illustration d'album Mike Parker Inversions, Vol. 3 Geophone GPH12 US 2006 Vendre cette version
GPH11 Mike Parker - Inversions, Vol. 2 illustration d'album Mike Parker Inversions, Vol. 2 (EP) Geophone GPH11 US 2006 Vendre cette version
DZR-003 Mike Parker - Excavations E.P. illustration d'album Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy Mike Parker & Donato Dozzy - Excavations E.P. (EP) Dozzy Records DZR-003 Italy 2007 Vendre cette version
LABD004 Mike Parker - Wanderer EP illustration d'album Mike Parker / michaelangelo / Coefficient Mike Parker / michaelangelo / Coefficient - Wanderer EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Labrynth LABD004 Portugal 2007
labrynth8 Mike Parker - Towards The Beyond EP illustration d'album Michaelangelo / Mike Parker Michaelangelo / Mike Parker - Towards The Beyond EP(12", EP) Labrynth labrynth8 Portugal 2007 Vendre cette version
GPH13 Mike Parker - Inverted: Remixed Inversions illustration d'album Mike Parker Inverted: Remixed Inversions (EP) Geophone GPH13 US 2008 Vendre cette version
GPH15 Mike Parker - Vesuvio Tremors illustration d'album Mike Parker Vesuvio Tremors (EP) Geophone GPH15 US 2010 Vendre cette version
SPC-92 Mike Parker - Document Part 2 illustration d'album Audion / Mike Parker Audion / Mike Parker - Document Part 2 Spectral Sound SPC-92 US 2010 Vendre cette version

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16 juillet 2019
A chance sound clip on the Hardwax store of the Voiceprint 12" repress brought me here. How thankful I am.

This is Techno seemingly made by the machines themselves after they waited for Mike Parker to turn the lights off and leave the studio.

Combines the barren sparsity of early dubstep labels DMZ and Tectonic, the expressive, almost verbal synths of Mike Schommer's DC15 outing on Deepchord and the punishing industrialism of Birmingham's very own British Murder Boys.

Immediately immersive, entirely clinical and yet organic in its presentation - like watching ripples on water, clouds move across the sky or trees change across the seasons - his work offers many layers of sonic craft that reveal themselves over repeat listens

Simultaneously uncompromising and welcoming, restrained and expressive, clinical yet human, these are tracks that ask for your time and reward it in full.


21 novembre 2018
edité over 3 years ago
Parker accomplishes more in four bars than most in the techno game during their entire lives.


28 août 2018
Give your mind to Mr. Parker and he will reward it.


4 février 2017
edité over 4 years ago
gotta say, wasnt a big fan of it at first, but after listening to it more and more he is becoming one of my favorite techno artists. productionwise he is a bit like plastikman. always using very similar sounds and arrangements, but always with enough experimentation so that it doesnt get boring. if they ever make another alien movie they need to hire this guy for the soundtrack. even though its techno, it would not sound out of place. throw voiceprint: voice one in there and you got nice background music ;)

edit: just noticed how much his music reminds me of HR Giger's art. the typical mechanic precision of techno, but combined with those weird, organic and mutating synths.


31 mars 2016
I had the privilege of "growing up" with Mike Parker as a mainstay at Buffalo parties in the mid-1990's, getting to hear his music bounce off of warehouse walls. I'm happy to know that he is still making music: he is one of my favorites. Somewhere out there is a tape of his live performance from a party called Transmission Nine. If you ever come across it: grab it! It's fantastic.


6 juin 2015
edité over 6 years ago
Mike Parker is one of my favorite artists. Not only does he make incredible music, but he hand screen prints the sleeves of his records sourced from his own paintings/drawings.. as seen on Geophone and Prologue. And he is a teacher by day...
Dude is inspiring and a true artist in every sense of the word, can't recommend picking up his releases enough, and he is a fantastic remixer.

The constant repeating and subtle variations in his music will make you question where you are in the track. You are always dropped into a maze of evolving sounds....


16 septembre 2014
An artist who produces top quality tunes that stand out a mile in excellence and style.


5 mai 2014
edité over 7 years ago
In a time of over-saturation it is nice to know that Mike is still one of the very few artists whose sound you can spot after 4 bars into a track, going "Hey, this must be Mike Parker!".


8 avril 2005
edité over 16 years ago
Mike Parker is an artist in every sense of the word. His minimal techno tracks are like paintings of landscapes, ever changing in front of your eyes. This man makes techno with a different mindset, each new 12" being a piece of art. The tracks are a bit slow but that really helps create a certain mood.
Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of seeing this man perform as a dj or live.


7 octobre 2003
Mike Parker is responsible for some of the deepest, most abstract techno I have come across. The textures and atmospheres he creates are sublime. For those unable to locate Geophone vinyl, the "Dispatches" CD is a great showcase of his work.

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