Thierry Noritop

Vrai nom:Thierry Alexandre Potiron

French musician (guitar, keyboards, programming and arranger), songwriter and producer
Born in Paris on the 5th April 1955.
He collaborated mostly with Bernie Adam most notably for the french synth pop duo Stereo (2) with the cult underground hit "Somewhere In The Night" and the act The Sixties with four singles' releases in the '80s. In the '00s, he has worked with Dominique Verdan and Daniel Finot in the new-age band Ayuthya and as a duet with Daniel Finot , Wikipedia , , X , Soundcloud , YouTube , Facebook , Facebook
Alias:Alexander Pumpkin, Stereo In Solo, Techno Night, Thierry Potiron
en groupes:Ayuthya, Dance Techno Fish, Kowo, M.U.N.T Connection, Match 13, Stereo (2), The Diamonds (3), The Sixties
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