The Smiths JQuick69

12 mai 2020
The only place I’m headed for is the boozer. Please stay in yr bedroom.

The Smiths neilostos

20 août 2017
edité over 3 years ago
Rich C. Joy Division are 'a little known band' LOL. Thank's for telling us they were formed in Salford. The Clash are 'miles better' than the Smiths. LOL. Have 'these people' not heard of Led Zeppelin?. LOL. Joy Division 'influenced' Radiohead more than the Smiths. LOL. U2 were formed in 1976. How do you imagine that U2 would be influenced by either Joy Division (who released their first LP in 1979) or the Smiths (who released their first LP in 1984)? Maybe they went into the future in a time machine, listened to Unknown Pleasures and Meat Is Murder, went back to 1976 and formed a band? LOL. 'Guys like Jarvis Cocker' LOL. The Charlatans. LOL. On Morrissey's Lyrics. 'have a word most of his lyrics don't even make sense'. Super LOL. Kind of giving yourself away there Rich. Joe Strummer is a 'lyrical genius' because his lyrics are 'much better constructed' than Morrissey. LOL LOL. Johnny Marr as a guitarist is 'on a par with someone like Bernard Sumner' LOL LOL LOL. Finally... and LOL... THE STRANGLERS IS 'A BAND TO HEAD FOR'. Rich C you are a lyrical Genius. Keep it up.

The Smiths neilostos

31 octobre 2018
Thank you kindly. it always needs doing. Enter at least 5 more words...

The Smiths fightgenie

7 janvier 2018
Neilostros, you are my hero. I have neither the wit nor the strength to dismantle these new highly intricate post-internet bullshit machines, especially in the comprehensive & yet concise manner employed in your post. Rich are you 20? It seems like that age would produce that specific type of arrogance. I remember thinking I was so smart then & now I laugh at how dumb I was. Reading Rich's post reminds me to acknowledge my ignorance, my mistakes & my clumsiness, so I never come across that way again (I hope).

The Smiths gypsyxsteele

13 juillet 2017
The Smiths are one of the greatest English bands ever.

The Smiths vinyloverdose

27 juin 2019
Biggest band ever? Never. Morrissey is the biggest twat ever though. Right-wing wanker to be precise.

The Smiths Rich.C

16 décembre 2016
edité over 4 years ago
Arguably one of the most over-hyped, over-rated bands of all time alongside bands such as Oasis and Guns 'N' Roses, it does make me laugh reading some of the comments on these websites haha, im certainly not suggesting the smiths were shit they have written some very good songs and are still better than alot of the tripe which graces the charts these days, but i do have a beef with some of the following....best band of all time?...ok subjective, but have these people not heard of led Zeppelin, The Clash, they were miles better than these guys. Most influential band of all time....really? Beatles, Pink Floyd ring any bells, people mention how the Smiths influenced bands like radiohead, U2 etc, yes they did but a bigger influence came in the form of a little known Salford group called Joy Division, bands such as Oasis, Blur etc were more influenced by rock icons such as Paul Weller than they were Morrissey. Morrissey did influence guys like Jarvis Cocker but Oasis, Blur, Charlatans etc seem more akin to Ian Brown than Morrissey? Morrissey a lyrical genius...oh please, have a word most of his lyrics don't even make sense, especially in his solo material, you want lyrical geniuses then look no further than john lennon, ian curtis, bob dylan even guys like Joe Strummer and weller, their lyrics are much better constructed. Finally Johnny Marr an amazing guitarist...taking the piss right? better than hendrix, jimmy page and john squire i think not, he's on a par with someone like Bernard Sumner.
An average band at best, if you want good music led zeppelin, the clash, the stranglers, stone roses (who people could argue were influenced by the Smiths which ill accept), joy division, the jam, motorhead are the bands to head for
I'll probably get slated for the above but some people need correcting ;)

The Smiths ringobango

18 janvier 2021
Go on son, get it off your chest. When the smiths came out they whey a revelation if you where not there in the early days you maybe didn't get it.

The Smiths Monsterhead

5 novembre 2019
If you want to be regarded as someone with taste you should only listen to things that I like. Everything else is irrelevant.

The Smiths alcoholica

16 avril 2019
The Clash had one good album (their first). The rest is about as boring as a "punk" let alone a "rock" band can get.

The Smiths chris-martin

21 mars 2019
Just because YOU don't like a band doesn't make them over-hyped or over-rated.

The Smiths kuma.chan

3 juillet 2017
Evidently someone doesn't like The Smiths being pushed into the "classic rock" section :D

The Smiths WaywardRecords

23 juin 2017
There's always "that guy" that hates something others love. Nothing to see here.

The Smiths neilostos

30 mai 2017
Blah blah blah, name drop a few bands and artists. Take the piss based on opinion instead of knowledge. It's clear, you don't know much about music. No need to be a dick in that case Rich.

The Smiths Brantly

15 mai 2017
edité over 4 years ago
Joe Strummer had the lyrical capacity of an autistic wallaby and his third-rate post-pub rock band, The Clash ruined punk rock, justlike the Grateful Dead ruined rock music....where, well...the Smiths saved both!

The Smiths GoodYegg

2 mai 2017
shhhh... you need to let people enjoy things, seriously guy

The Smiths fruit_tree

26 avril 2017
The Jam, and Paul Weller has never done anything original in all his carreer!

The Smiths Cooster_Rogburn

17 avril 2017
Don't really have an opinion on the rest of what you said but Led Zeppelin stole a majority of the material that cemented their status as great by little known artists or artists that couldn't afford a lengthy court case, and claimed the songs as their own original conceptual babies. If that is what makes a band great that is pretty short sighted, all of the rest of what you said is subjective like you mentioned so, everyone is entitled to what they think makes music enjoyable to everyone else.

The Smiths Tru2Moz

12 mars 2017
i've deleted this comment cause you're not a nice person

The Smiths Boley

9 février 2017
Most over hyped band of all time? I think not, having seen The Smiths live i can only say that they delivered both on record and as a live act. Their gigs were not merely 'gigs' but events , something very few bands have ever created . Only The Jam came close to recreating the atmosphere created at a Smiths gig. Like The Jam, The Smiths will forever be remembered as one of the best bands to ever grace this countries airwaves and concert halls and unlike two of the bands you mention Led Zep and The Clash their memory will never be tarnished by selling out 'literally' in America and becoming boring Stadium crap.