Tim Story

Vrai nom:Timothy Story

American ambient/modern classical composer and producer.

Born: 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Tim Story currently resides in the small river town of Maumee, in northwest Ohio. He established a worldwide reputation as a creator of emotionally complex chamber music that blends classical instrumentation with electronics.

In addition to 13 solo albums and many compilations, Story's work has appeared on numerous TV and film soundtracks, including the original score for the popular NPR documentary "In Search Of Angels" (1999), and "Caravan (Music From The Motion Picture)" (aka "Caravana") (2005); a feature-length documentary, written and directed by Gerardo Olivares for the production company of Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar.

Story received a Grammy nomination for a children's recording with actress Glenn Close titled "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" (1988), and a NAIRD 'Best Album' award for "Beguiled" (1991).

Notable collaborations include six releases with Hans-Joachim Roedelius, three releases with Dwight Ashley, and another project with both Ashley and Roedelius titled "Errata" (2008).

Story has also produced "Qua" (2009), the first Cluster studio recording in more than a decade. , , Wikipedia
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