The Piccadilly Pipers

Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, they were the featured act at The Piccadilly Lounge in Newark, NJ, in the early 1940's, hence the name.

Bonnie was teamed up with The Buddy Banks Trio, which consisted of Clem Moorman (piano), Ernie Ransom (guitar), and Henry Padgett (bass), eventually changed their name to that of the Lounge that featured them.

The Piccadilly Pipers' first recording date was in NYC in 1942 for Savoy, with this unit, producing Savoy 5525..."So Long".
By 1945, Ed "Skeets" McKaine had replaced Padget on bass.

Shelley Manne (drums) was also used on their later session on 12/10/45, which produced:
Savoy 5517, "Upstairs"/"Forget It You're Still In Love", and "Let Me Play With Your Poodle".

Original Line-up:
Bonnie Davis (lead vocals),
Henry "Pat" Padgett (bass),
Ernie Ransom (guitar),
Clem Moorman (piano)

Final Line-up:
Ernie Ransom (guitar),
Ed "Skeets" McKaine (bass),
Clem Moorman (piano),
Bonnie Davis (lead vocals)
Shelley Manne (drums) .
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