Mtume (pronounced em-too-may) was an American R&B and jazz-funk band founded in 1978 by James Mtume & Reggie Lucas.
Their name derives from James Mtume's surname, which means "musician" in Swahili.
The band had success in the 80s with a series of hits, including "Juicy Fruit", "So You Wanna Be A Star" and "You, Me and He".
Their distinctive sound combined elements of jazz and funk with catchy melodies and romantic lyrics. Mtume's music has had a lasting impact on the R&B and hip hop scenes, with many artists sampling their tracks over the years.
After the band disbanded in 1986, James Mtume continued his musical career as a solo artist and producer.

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Members:Basil Fearrington, Edward Moore, Howard King, Hubert Eaves III, James Mtume, Philip Field, Raymond Jackson (2), Reggie Lucas, Tawatha Agee
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