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Andrés Calamaro Masel
Argentinian rock singer, keyboardist, composer and producer, born in Buenos Aires in 1961.
He started on "Raíces" in the late 70s (recommended by Sergio Makaroff). On "Los Abuelos de la Nada" from 1983 to 1985, he followed a solo career and also founded "Los Rodríguez" in 1990.
Brother of Hebe Rosell and Javier Calamaro.
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25 novembre 2008
Argentine musician and composer. His former band Los Rodríguez was a major success in Spain in the 1990s. He became one of the main icons of the Argentine rock in the last two decades.
A very prolific mind, Andrés Calamaro edited Grabaciones Encontradas ("Found recordings" which in Spanish could also be understood as "Recordings in Contradiction") while working with Los Rodríguez. After Palabras más, palabras menos, the band released a "Greatest Hits" album, which sold nicely, and then dissolved.

In 1997 Calamaro recorded Alta suciedad (literally "High Filth," but also a pun "High Society"/"Alta Sociedad"), which sold over half a million copies and took him again touring around Latin America.

Calamaro began composing song after song. In six months, he had over 100 songs ready to be edited. Thirty seven of these found their way to his next album, Honestidad brutal. The album has hits as: Te quiero igual, Paloma, Los aviones, Cuando te conocí or La parte de adelante. This double CD, was created after the break up with his girlfriend, and this is reflected in all the songs. The album also contains a collaboration with Maradona.

In 2000, he recorded 103 songs in his five-CD album El salmón.

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