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Marketplace Users: Help Us Help You! Équipe TashaH TashaH 9 TashaH TashaH 1 day ago
Announcements & Requests Rules Équipe NessFan NessFan 0 NessFan NessFan over 3 years ago
The BIG BIG list of feature requests... Équipe dansauk dansauk 82 bass-station-broward bass-station-broward 3 days ago
Sorting options for "in collection" UnderoathAaronCD UnderoathAaronCD 1 randomdestructn randomdestructn 5 days ago
Australian Goods and Service Tax (GST) Équipe nickhas nickhas 34 exxoduss exxoduss 6 days ago
Techno longshot ID Suzor Suzor 1 la-voie-du-sabre la-voie-du-sabre 8 days ago
Disabled contact alternatives...? relyks87 relyks87 3 zero_kelvin zero_kelvin 12 days ago
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Feature request: Media type/price based mail notification dimpen dimpen 0 dimpen dimpen 14 days ago
Should Discogs accept Bitcoin? fecklessscrounger fecklessscrounger 35 meshes meshes 14 days ago
Inner Sleeve requests? MJG196 MJG196 4 MJG196 MJG196 15 days ago
Request: Mass message to record owners when in need of specific record joepd joepd 6 massenmedium massenmedium 15 days ago
Feature Request: Add Seller data point for State Chutler Chutler 3 flipster flipster 20 days ago
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Need help from Discogs Team - Programmers OLDRECORDS12 OLDRECORDS12 5 OLDRECORDS12 OLDRECORDS12 about 1 month ago
Problem with 'items for sale' Etienne1 Etienne1 0 Etienne1 Etienne1 about 1 month ago
Received false feedback, can it be removed? vinyl_with_love vinyl_with_love 2 vinyl_with_love vinyl_with_love 2 months ago
Block Zero feedback buyers psychotron.uk psychotron.uk 6 rugogs rugogs 2 months ago
Negatives from Cancelled orders psychotron.uk psychotron.uk 2 psychotron.uk psychotron.uk 2 months ago
weight for boxes InterRecords InterRecords 4 Earjerk Earjerk 2 months ago
Discogs Payments now live to all U.S. Sellers Équipe nickhas nickhas 21 8892sales 8892sales 2 months ago
cheap records for exercise pichukiki pichukiki 5 pichukiki pichukiki 2 months ago
PAY WITH CASH collectorofpunk collectorofpunk 1 flipster flipster 2 months ago
Pay only with cash or Paypal collectorofpunk collectorofpunk 2 ChrisEfterklang ChrisEfterklang 2 months ago
Request: how about a phone number a1musik a1musik 0 a1musik a1musik 2 months ago