• Mark_Anthony over 7 years ago

    Assuming we could have this accomplished with no pushback from discogs dev, would you guys find it useful that if someone clicks "Helpful" on a review, you can see their username somehow, then click their username to see their profile and/or what reviews they've written? Might turn into one of those features that sucks you to the point where you end up 10 pages from where you started and you can't remember how you even got there.

    Or it could be a total waste. Let me know what you think
  • restless over 7 years ago

    Yes, this kind of thing had been debated last year when they suppressed the agree/disagree links :

    All kinds of ideas and solutions about this had been suggested at the time...perhaps is it time to relaunch the debate with a new topic? Last year's is now closed.
    Although i think this would make more sense in the general/help forum...
  • Jayfive over 7 years ago

    I still dont understand why they nixxed the agree/disagree buttons instead of making the agreeing/disagreeing users public. It works for the rating system with the relative lack of fuss (the occasion troll but thats about it) and would enable a more accurate rating of the review.

    Even making it public and declaring an amnesty by putting the reviews back to zero or only make the votes after the change made public would have sufficied.
  • Pistachios over 7 years ago

    Pistachios edité over 7 years ago
    I like the fact that they removed the 'disagree' button. If you're gonna disagree, you still can - you just have to use your brain a little and formulate that thought into words. The internet is full of dick-heads bringing everyone down by hating on stuff the don't like. If you have a valid point - then make it. I agree that making things public is better - everyone should see where that opinion is coming from.

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