Nuclear Blast


German independent label, specialised in metal and related music styles; founded in 1987 by Markus Staiger.
Label Code: LC 7027 / LC 07027
GVL-registered label name is Nuclear Blast Records.
For all unofficial releases (bootlegs, counterfeits) that pretend to be releases of this label, use Nuclear Blast (2).

About NB and their different regional companies:

Nuclear Blast Europe – Label, Mailorder, Wholesale, Fulfilment Service and Distribution for several labels spread over the whole European continent; located in Donzdorf, Germany.

Nuclear Blast America – US Company with identical business tasks in cooperation with Century Media.

Nuclear Blast South America – In cooperation with Century Media.

A typical Nuclear Blast catalogue number has the following format: "NB XXXX-F".

Note: Earlier releases might only have 3 digits.

F determines the format. This is not always consistent, but here is a general idea of what you might find:
-0 limited first edition (Digipak, O-Card, etc.) for both CD and DVD
-1 LP or other vinyl format
-2 jewelcase CD or promo CD, DVD, sometimes also used for the limited first edition
-3 video tape (VHS), tape (MC)
-4 tape (MC)
-5 box sets, limited mailorder editions, bonus CDs and DVDs (in general: limited bonus editions)
-7 some vinyl 7”s carry this as format
-8 shape CDs (not all, however)
-9 picture vinyl (not all, however, esp. when the release was only available as a picture vinyl or comes with a cover, you may find a –1 here)

Parent Label:Nuclear Blast GmbH
Sublabels:Anstalt Records, Beautiful Voices, Blank Your Mind, Blast! Presents, Blood Blast Distribution, Caipiranha Records, Cannibalized Serial Killer Records, Deathwish Office, Gore Records, Grind Syndicate Media, ...
Contact Info:

Nuclear Blast GmbH
Oeschstrasse 40
73072 Donzdorf

phone: (+49) 7162 92800
e-mail: [email protected]

United States:
P.O. Box 43618
Philadelphia, PA 19106

phone: (215) 923-0770
fax. (215) 923-9166
e-mail: [email protected]

South America:
Labelmanager: Gerard Werron
Rua Paolistania 407
BR 05440-000 Sao Paulo - SP -Metro Vila Magdalena

e-mail: [email protected]
phone: +55-11-30978117
fax: +55-11-38161195 , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , X , YouTube , , Wikipedia


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  • Avatar de bbrainard10
    Posting here to see if anyone has heard anything or come across any of the glow in the dark versions of this album having a misprint. I have a copy of this album and sides A,B, & D have the proper matrix in the run out and the songs are correct but side C has the matrix for Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and side C has 3 songs from Phil Campbell instead of the 3 songs that are supposed to be by Accept. I have talked to Accept management and Nuclear Blast and they all try to tell me this is impossible since they haven't heard about any issues. Well it isn't impossible because I have one with this issue. Talked to a local record store that said exactly what I thought and that the plate was accidentally changed when pressing. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else knows anything.
    • Avatar de scullbox
      NB presses very bad records lately, warped, locking, skipping whatnot