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"CLR" stood for "Chris Liebing Recordings", until 2010, where Chris Liebing changed the meaning into "Create Learn Realize". In July 2021, Chris Liebing changed the meaning into "Create Learn Repeat".

Based in: Frankfurt am Main.
Run by: Chris Liebing.

Chris Liebing in July 2021:
"My initial motivation for running labels was to be able to release my music without the hassle of dealing with other labels, being able to release whatever I wanted, as well as releasing the music of friends. The first phase of ‘Chris Liebing Recordings’ ended when I decided to rename it to ‘Create Learn Realize’ so it could be a platform for other artists that I wanted to promote.
Since putting the label on ice in the mid-2010s, I’ve always missed label work and the connections that you have with other artists, especially the possibility to discover new upcoming artists and help them grow by giving them a platform for their music. I’ve decided to start Phase 3 of CLR, calling it ‘Create Learn Repeat’. There are so many talented young ones out there, and it’s fantastic to see and hear what they do and to be able to help them get a foot in the door of this business.
Besides my own ‘first’ new release ('Bruson' EP - out now!), I already have some great releases lined up by artists like Frankie Bromley, Gene Richards Jr, Hertz Collision, and more to come. Fun times ahead, let’s create, learn and repeat..."

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  • Avatar de deathmetaldiscoclub
    Modifié il y a 12 ans
    Although I have to agree with dryfist, Chris' performances are sounding totally refreshing at the moment and it seems he's back on the proper techno track right now. And so is his label!
    With Chris signing artists like Perc, Tommy Four Seven, Adam X and Monoloc, I see a bright future for CLR. Since CLR026 by Perc, the label's output has become increasingly inventive and with tracks like Armstrong by Speedy J, the label re-invents itself as a real proper techno label. There are many, many great tools on this for the Digital DJ's. For example the new Traversable Wormhole remixes EP's, are way beyond practical. They can be used in lots and lots of ways, everyday they seem to amaze me! Chris really proves us that he's revived his vision on pure techno and with an T47 album in the pipeline for Feb '11 and a busy CLR Crew touring schedule, I know Chris is about to bring great things our ways again!
    • Avatar de dryfist
      CLR stands for "Create Learn Realize", not Chris Liebing Recordings. nonetheless, this is an excellent, if increasingly predictable, techno label. from shuffling minimal and trance-inducing to a bit more of an aggressive sound, CLR has an excellent roster, impeccable production, and always makes me want to dance. not the brainiest material but when you're dancing, who cares? it isn't quite as noodly (and boring) as what comes out of the M-nus camp, for example, but it won't suit those more akin to the more rugged Swedish or NYC sound. definitely recommended. and check out the label's podcast, too; excellent mixes from global artists not always directly associated with the label.