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  • Avatar de stairwellwun
    Long live TTT! Always pushing the envelope and sending fresh music to the front - big love!
    • Avatar de rmcc
      What has happened to TTT053?

      What has happened to TTT053? ?
      • Avatar de mvns
        eazypeeler I agree with you. I never knew what they'll come up with next, and I really appreciate being challenged by their sound. Very nice aesthetic too.
        I always wonder who presses their records. They are always of great quality - a rarity in today's vinyl market. From the stamper rings and the color, I'm guessing it's Pallas?
        • Avatar de eazypeeler
          I really like the way that this label releases lots of different kinds of music - every time I buy something on TTT - I listen and always go "Whatever next!!". Very interesting music and art. I feel like I am constantly being challenged - by music. Much like the DJ sets by legendary dubstep DJ Ben UFO.
          • Avatar de 02PAYNEJ
            Legendary label.
            • Avatar de n0tj0sh33
              One of my favorite labels, from unique mix-tape cassetes to awesome 12' s featuring some of the strangest and grooviest music made these days. Some of the records and tapes can be hard to get ahold of but its worth it. The artwork is also top notch and I love how its impossible to tell what this label will do next.
              BIGUPS Will Bankhead!