Giegling as reviewed by vibrasphere

31 mars 2019
edité about 1 month ago
One of my favorite labels with boosted views on YouTube :)

Giegling lembalemba

16 février 2019
Giegling X Los Angeles. selling: GIEGLING LP 08, GIEGLING 22, GIEGLING 23.

Giegling bpohara

2 janvier 2019
Anyone able to figure out what is going on with Giegling? The page source from their website reveals a message:

"hallo ?

da ist nichts

do you love me ?

no more trust

10 years of illusions

for those who dont know

do it myself

see yourself

changing the world is easy

from now on no more Music


alles ist da

i love you

no more doubt

10 years of miracles

for those who know

do it together

see myself

changing myself is easy

from now on only music"

Giegling WaxOnWaxOnWax

1 février 2019
10th anniversary events in 10 different cities. Discogs needs 10 words.

Giegling Mindfuldb

27 décembre 2018
This whole debate between represses to discogs prices and supply/demand is subjective - I’ve paid more for vinyls in store that I truly enjoy before going on my phone and checking the price on discogs. While some prices may seem inflated, not everyone’s gonna pay that at the end of the day - some of this music means more than others, it’s not hype, it’s what you like. And what is wrong with doing releases at parties limited in a secretive-esqe fashion? Adds a layer of mystic to the whole thing which creates a memory for you if you so happened to be there to pick it up - just as the NDATL series does during Movement with their party.

At the end of the day, everybody’s got a taste for whatever they want to listen to. My opinion, I think it’s awesome to some of the tidbits that giegling does with their releases, such as their popular “2 The Sky” release with the double crosses - every cover has different pictures or designs drawn on them.

And sometimes limited release makes a release special! Because not everybody has it, and that’s what makes some DJ shows unique - not all crates are equal! Limited release in a sense creates that individuality to which you might not be able to get ahold of “this” release, but you might be lucky enough to come across “that” release. I find that joy of digging with vinyl, coming across something rare that not many people have. And if you’re a fan, you can see what dictates somebody’s style, whether their collection is filled with stuff that has millions of views, or a collection that contains hard to find unknown stuff.

Giegling saschawallus

7 avril 2019
Many of the big DJs get it as Digital Copy. Therefore, the limited is not so limited;) Only the vinyl pressing, but not the track itself.

Giegling stefan.drawert

8 janvier 2019
And what is wrong with doing releases at parties limited in a secretive-esqe fashion?

This. And I can't remember reading all that hate and negativity when Theo Parrish or Apex Twin did something similar, not to mention UR with their SID releases... just to mention a few...

Giegling Myrekkids

17 décembre 2018
As much as I like the music and artwork, the sleeves smell like old moisty carton that has been laying in the attic for a couple years.

Giegling mijajo

22 mars 2019
it's part of the charm yo yo yo yo yo

Giegling lakechoes

27 novembre 2018
if these guys are as refined as I think they are... they should soon have a female release to prove that no, "we're not macho".

Giegling wilsonlogan13

30 novembre 2018

this was released a few weeks ago and sold out.

Giegling Rivilen

20 novembre 2018
New release and the tour ep from 2018 are online

Giegling ijustspeak

17 mai 2018
whats the ruckus? have i missed something? . . . .

Giegling ijustspeak

19 août 2018
Ahh.. the PC Generation at play. Honestly he is half way right.. Not very Female DJ´s that really has made an impact on me. Are a few good handful ones though.

Giegling noahnoa

26 juin 2017
The problem is really that the rest of the Giegling collective, the ones with actual musical and artistic talent, haven't immediately blacklisted and broken ties publically with this guy. Lots of guys are sexist, lots of women too, but the mentality of someone who says this shit in public is a whole nother level of dumbass. He needs to go away. And we need the new Vril LP as an apology.

Giegling Cburnette23

20 novembre 2018
edité 6 months ago
Says who?? You're clearly just an idiot. I know for a FACT you got no clue where he's coming from or what he's talking about so why don't you just go shove your tiny opinion up your ass?

Giegling stefan.drawert

22 juin 2017
Could everybody calm down and put things into perspective please? The man is not all artists, not all music on Giegling.
No matter what stupid things he has said or believes - I can't see what this has to do with the quality of, let's say, Vril's releases?

Giegling BillyRubin93

22 juin 2017
Completely agree with Stefan on this. The actions or beliefs of one member is not reflective of the entire label. The music still has it's place and it's many other artists still hold their value..

Giegling matthewshur

21 juin 2017
#fragilemasculinity. Get a grip, boy. You're not welcome to play in Detroit.

Giegling stefan.drawert

22 juin 2017
edité about 1 year ago
Movement 2015: Did you tell Snoop, too? Misogyny is bad, hipocrisy is not better.

Giegling drdreidel101

21 juin 2017
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night. Not manly enough.