Drumcode as reviewed by Puffnfresh

11 juillet 2019
Used to be amazing, pretty much the definition of business techno nowadays. SAD

Drumcode cpr242

10 février 2019
It's hard to listen to a guy that has mostly House records in his collection talk about a Techno label. You don't have to like Drumcode to recognize that if they are still printing records then they aren't quite Mainstream, and you need look no further than the annual A sides compilation for some quality tracks every year. So hate all you want and the rest of will enjoy the output of Adam Beyer and Friends for over 20 years now.

Drumcode AlbertHofstein

28 janvier 2019
edité 5 months ago
Drumkotnights. Schlagertechno played at Musikantenhain and Panoramastadl. Seriously, that label is as artfree and waveless as possible and a commercial one way street.

Drumcode The-Bear

21 décembre 2018
So without having to go through all 350+ can anyone make any recommendations for good floor fillers?

Drumcode dsl0.0lsd

7 janvier 2019
edité 6 months ago
Don't know your favorite flavor so try these on for siZe... also if ju like the sviiidisch techkno chekk öut Devilfish änd Mhonolink =)

[Drumcode 10YEARS] VA ‎– Swedish Silver - 10 Years Of Drumcode - B1 Samuel L. Session - Morpheme
[Drumcode 24.5] Fredrik Almquist - Being And Becoming Ltd - B Being And Becoming (Adam Beyer & Henrik B Remix)
[Drumcode 25.0] Adam Beyer & Henrik B ‎- Sound Identification - A1 Perfect Match *
[Drumcode 46.0] The Advent vs. Industrialyzer - Duality - 01 One last count **
[Bush LP3] Devilfish - The Freakshow - A1 A2 B1 C1 are all good! https://www.discogs.com/Devilfish-The-Freakshow/release/58496
[AUDIO 029] Mhonolink - Hibernate EP - A1 Hibernate https://www.discogs.com/Mhonolink-Hibernate-EP/release/2817
[AUDIO LP 05] Lars Klein ‎- Until Further Notice - D1 Until Further Notice ***

*perfect title, matches AB + HB working togeather!
**check out Industrialyzer alone too, A1 + B2 https://www.discogs.com/Industrialyzer-Industrialyzer-EP/release/2357207
***not sviiidisch, but might kick it up a notch or two :o https://www.discogs.com/Lars-Klein-Until-Further-Notice/release/69831

Drumcode cpr242

10 août 2017
edité about 1 year ago
Anyone that thinks this is mainstream or cheesy should check their coat at the door and stop commenting. This is serious Techno for people that understand, not posers looking to make a name for themselves. Go back to Spinnin' records for your daily dose of cheese and sugar coated crap.

Drumcode SPBASS

16 décembre 2016
Never liked Drumcode's original releases, too minimal or Housey sounding. Wasn't what most Technoheads would have called Techno at all. But since 2014 they have been releasing some nice funkier, deeper and harder tracks.

Drumcode jimk82

30 avril 2017
I agree! It was actually the original DC releases that were "Techno", these days 2006 onwards, it sounds like deep throbbing house. I respect Adam Beyer, but I stopped listening to DC releases. I guess you have to move with the times though?

Drumcode Hando_Jin

22 février 2017
I could laugh all day at this comment if it wasn't for the fact I've contracted cancer through exposure to it.

Drumcode Bambadeng

6 mars 2016
edité over 3 years ago
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Drumcode soundboy75

11 novembre 2013
If you don't like it, shuffle along, sure you'll find something you like somewhere.

Drumcode Hando_Jin

26 février 2017
So you'd prefer non club music from a label that exists for club play? You'd like Techno to sit down to, essentially? That's what you're saying, right?

Drumcode Vypere

7 octobre 2014
Well, before 2010 or so I agree, I have quite a few gems from this label, but nowadays I find it's just polished & compressed loud sine wave bass, loud kick and hats techno music, just for the club.

Drumcode as reviewed by techni-cue

27 janvier 2012
i agree. they are well produced minmal techno tracks with plenty of classics amongst the back catalouge. learn how to mix them!!!

Drumcode as reviewed by V-Agent

28 mars 2003
Extremely well produced records, but boring as hell.
A perfect example of what has happened to Techno music and what most newcomers think you mean when you say "Techno".
Sad, very sad indeed.

Drumcode PhaseShifter

7 mars 2016
edité over 3 years ago
His comment is from 2003, when techno was still raw creative and had a uptempo groove, was produced with different hardware / software.
But he referred, that lets say the more melodic detroit techno, the second wave sound i guess is much better than the oldscool, what was new in 2003.
You referred now more on the Berghain, big room whatever it calls sound.
The polished kicks, reverb subs with sidechain, noise breaks, over and over and over the same trick with the same plugins.

Drumcode Bambadeng

6 mars 2016
edité over 2 years ago
I'm totally with you, V-Agent... this is the type of techno you would hear at all the big standard raves nowadays like Time Warp, Nature One, etc. with their set in stone lineups featuring the same few artists such as Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Len Faki, etc. over and over again - It's stomping, it's driving and it certainly does fit the mood of big arenas but it all sounds the same and there is no innovation, no freaky moments, no climax, no break that makes the crowd go crazy. Dead music for a dead genre. Techno for the masses, music with no soul.

Drumcode aj.reynolds

11 avril 2015
I think he's referring to more purist techno like Jeff Mills, which isn't just spanking hard drums.

Drumcode samsmithers

16 février 2014
I've been spinning techno since '93. A strange occurrence happened around '00 when the police shut down any all all possibility to obtain permits. (at least in my area). We were all forced to move into clubs instead. We were sitting there banging hard techno designed for humongous wherehouse raves in a room the size of a living room. It didn't work. Luckily, the sound evolved.... but what's happened is everything has been hybrided the fuck out. It's nice to see a label still retaining it's balls and making TECHNO. Now, it's quite minimal stuff... but again, this stuff is designed for clubs. The rave days are over. Drumcode was one of the best techno and dance friendly labels to ever come out.

Drumcode scherben

24 août 2013
edité over 5 years ago
There was a time I disagreed with the above review; but the last few years have proven it correct. Drumcode's been churning out dull stuff for a while now.

Drumcode TheBusRecordSale

29 août 2012
Then you're not into techno, go listen to some trance then if you want melody...

Drumcode Chorlton

26 juillet 2011
V-Agent obviously has no appreciation of the basic stark nature of Adam Beyer and his northern counterparts. Some world renowned artists release on Drumcode. Agreed, excitement seems lacking in many Drumcode releases - a label that one should consider in a colder Nordic light. If you want excitement go for salsa.

Drumcode RichardAndrewsMedia

23 juillet 2010
Ridiculous statement, many a classic amongst the fodder, you just have to look for them.