Underground Resistance jagababa

4 mai 2019
So, whats up with the confusing release numbering? Did they ever say why they keep repeating some of their release numbers, even though it's two completely different records?

Underground Resistance as reviewed by WALTHAMSTOW007

9 septembre 2016
Worth checking all of your early original UR pressings. To the naked eye they look like plain old black vinyl, but hold them up to the light and a lot of them are brown translucent vinyl. I'd imagine this is a pretty good way to spot the originals from the represses.

Underground Resistance tekkno-guy

15 juin 2010
The tracks for UR-046 were turned over to Ron Murphy at NSC so that he could release it as part of a collectors edition compilation signifying the beginning of his label NSC Records.

Underground Resistance as reviewed by memepool

28 novembre 2006
edité over 12 years ago
With the benefit of hindsight I can't agree with the comments about early UR stuff. Apart from The Final Frontier, which I think is still one of their best tracks, Nation to Nation and early James Pennington and Drexciya outings on UR a lot of the early releases were not quite so groundbreaking as their later work.

Initially they were influenced by the whole Rave phenomena of the period and 'hardcore' which the Techno pioneers disdained. Many of their early ep's owe as much to the sound of Essex or Utrecht as that of Detroit. Listen to their first LP 'Revolution For Change' on Network Records.

UR hit their stride with World to World and since then almost everything they have done has been timeless..

Underground Resistance memepool

16 mars 2011
Well when I bought the Gyroscopic EP and Revolution For Change in 1991-2, I hadn't heard of UR. I bought them because they were on Rising High and Network and in the latter case I liked the cover, especially the notes. I didn't even realise they were by the same people until some years later. If you were into Detroit Techno in those days, and records like this were pretty hard to come by, then these early tracks couldn't really compare to the contemporary tracks like say The Beginning by Rhythm is Rhythm or the True Techno Ep by Model 500 which came out around the same time. Still don't. The Sonic EP?
UR's star was still very much in the ascent then and from 20 years later it's easy to say well of course they were going to be one of the most important labels of the last two decades, but to me at least it didn't feel that way until I heard the Final Frontier on the first New Electronica compilation the following year...

Underground Resistance Stormchild

29 octobre 2010
edité over 8 years ago
That's the problem with applying hindsight to cultural phenomena. When looking back from a different perspective, one lacks the context to properly understand the impact these things had when they were brand new. If you weren't tuned in to the bleeding edge when UR were at its sharpest point, perhaps you won't be able to understand why they were so important.

Underground Resistance as reviewed by kerguenec

8 janvier 2006
edité over 13 years ago
I confirm that UR is still able to be astonishingly creative. The soon to be released Interstellar Fugitives double LP proves this statement. It is understandable that listeners are now demanding the best from UR and Mad Mike as they have been used to so many masterpieces released by this label. But the best is still to come. Mike Banks is inspired and the younger artists that the label is pushing forward have undeniable potential.The electric soul is alive more than ever !

Underground Resistance as reviewed by TwistedStar

27 juillet 2005
edité over 13 years ago
I think UR is still a great label and is still launching new talents and new music. It's still very innovative but as people -at this time- is always looking for vintage stuff, the recent records don't get the gratitude they deserve.
But BEWARE ! UR is creating tomorrow !

Underground Resistance as reviewed by jackseismic

10 mai 2005
edité over 14 years ago
For a while I could agree with the above statment, but for me, after the release of UR-048 "The Swarm" and then "Revenge Of The Jaguar", Underground Resistance took a real turn for the worse.
Recent releases have lacked the freshness and uncompromising attitude which in my opinion made the label so strong and brought it such a huge underground following. UR is no longer a "buy on sight" label as it was for so many years.

Underground Resistance abra0

12 février 2015
Completely and utterly agree. After a while I gave up listening to what they were doing. Most of what they did for about 10 years was amazing though and seeing them play the millennium was stunning.

Underground Resistance as reviewed by phrasedjs

21 avril 2005
edité over 14 years ago
UR is the greatest record label in the world. From the very first release to the latest one, the standard has been set to an almost unreachable level, that the majority of other labels find hard to live up to. For me UR is the epitome of Detroit. Whether it be the harsh rhythms of early releases such as The Punisher, The Fury or Riot or epic classics like Knights of the Jaguar, Illuminator and First Galactic Baptist Church. UR is out in front of most by miles. If you don't own a UR record I suggest that you go out and buy one straight away.

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