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The Hit Factory recording studios have existed in five different locations in New York City as well as facilities in London and Miami. Today the studios are located at 676 Broadway in the Noho neighborhood of New York City.
On March 6, 1975, Edward Germano, a singer, record producer, and one of the principal owners of the Record Plant Studios New York, purchased The Hit Factory from founder & owner songwriter/producer Jerry Ragavoy. At that time The Hit Factory studios were located at 353 West 48th Street. Germano incorporated The Hit Factory into a business, redesigned its studios, and created the logo it uses to this day. In 1981, The Hit Factory moved to a new location at 237 West 54th Street called The Hit Factory Broadway. This location also housed The Hit Factory DMS. Another location, The Hit Factory Times Square, opened in 1987 at 130 West 42nd Street. In 1991, Germano bought a nearly 100,000-square-foot building at 421 West 54th St. called The Hit Factory Headquarters. Studio 1, on the top floor, could accommodate a 60-piece orchestra. The building also housed Hit Factory Mastering. In 1998, the Germanos purchased Criteria Recording in Miami, Florida, revamping and reopening the studios under the new name The Hit Factory Criteria Miami. Edward Germano died in 2003 and The Hit Factory closed its main headquarters in 2005. In 2012, the Germanos sold the Miami studio as Criteria Recording Studios and retained The Hit Factory name, logo and trademark. In 2008, Troy Germano, opened Germano Studios in Noho. Germano Studios changed its name to The Hit Factory in 2023 and is now the only "The Hit Factory" recording studio in the world.

Also credited as:
- Hit Factory, N.Y.C.
- Hit Factory, NYC
- Hit Factory, NY
- Hit Factory, N.Y.
- Hit Factory, New York
- Hit Factory Studios
- The Hit Factory/NY
- The Hit Factory NYC
- The Hit Factory Inc., NY

Sublabels:DMS (2), Hit Factory Mastering, The Hit Factory Criteria, The Hit Factory Times Square Studio, The Hit Factory, London
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353 West 48th Street (1969-1981)
237 West 54th Street (The Hit Factory Broadway), 1981–2002
130 West 42nd Street (The Hit Factory Times Square), 1987–1992 (Hit Factory Times Square)
31–37 Whitfield Street (The Hit Factory London), 1989–1993
1755 NE 149th Street (The Hit Factory Miami), 1998-2012
421 West 54th Street (The Hit Factory Headquarters), 1992–2005
676 Broadway (The Hit Factory, Noho), 2008–present , , , Wikipedia


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