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Dutch vinyl pressing plant established in June 1998 after operations of Sony/CBS, Haarlem were taken over by Ton Vermeulen and Marcel Nothdurft of Moxmusic (the latter later replaced as shareholder by Vermeulen's spouse Mieke).

With 33 presses, Record Industry became one of the largest vinyl pressing plants in the world (capacity: 40,000 to 50,000 records per day). It is a full-service provider with in-house cutting, galvanoplasty and printing departments. In April 2022 the company merged with distributor Bertus forming a new Bertus Holding. At the same time 30 brand new vinyl presses were acquired with the aim of doubling the capacity, up to 25 million records per year.

When the plant was taken over from Sony Music Entertainment it was agreed Record Industry would remain manufacturer of Sony product on vinyl. When the EMI Records plant closed in 2000, a similar deal was struck. Furthermore there are exclusive deals in Europe with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. Record Industry also presses all Music On Vinyl releases, a label it operates together with Bertus.

General manager: Ton Vermeulen.
Marketing/sales manager: Anouk Rijnders.
Head Audio and Quality Control: Rinus Hooning.

Identifying and crediting releases

Matrix schemes
After Record Industry took over the plant they continued to use the Sony/CBS computer numbers, starting with 08-40000-20 and continued this notation until March 2004 up to number 08-54249-20.

Runout notation:
08 ##### AA BCD E, where

08 ##### is a RI specific sequential identifier
AA is the two digit format identifier. Known formats:
20 = 12" and LP
10 = 10"
04 = 7"
B is the cut number. Often simply a 1, sometimes a 2. In rare cases the cut number may be even higher.
C is the side identifier, e.g. A, B. On double A side releases, the side identifier will still use "B" for the AA side.
D is the stamper number. Usually 1.
E is the catalogue number assigned by the record label.

The whole string is stamped in the runout area.

08 45171 20 1A1 ASP 011
08 45171 20 1B1 ASP 011
08 53606 20 2A1 SIG 005
08 52222 10 1A1 MM 1040
08 53586 04 1A1 NHS 7004

Only add 08 ##### AA (e.g. 08 53586 20) as LCCN number.

In march 2004, the plant dropped the 08- and format identifier and continued with a simple 5 digit code, starting with number 54250.
When 99999 was reached in 2014, the sequence was reset to 10000. The sequential numbers continue up until approx. mid July 2023 when the numbering changed from 399## to 4000##.

Between the late 1990s and the early 2000s, the plant used a matrix scheme composed of ten digits (########## BCD E): this scheme mostly appeared on Sony Music (and subsidiaries) related releases (see Bad Religion - The New America as example): these numbers were added by the pressing plant upon customer request and should not be used as LCCN numbers: in these cases the role Pressed By can still be used, minding not to add the ten digits string.

Current matrix scheme:
##### XY Z

##### is the sequential RI specific job number.
X is the cut number. Often simply a 1, sometimes a 2. In rare cases the cut number may be even higher.
Y is the side identifier, e.g. A, B. On double A side releases, the side identifier will still use "B" for the AA side.
Z is the catalogue number assigned by the label.

Usually, the whole string is stamped into the runout area (see here for an example), however etched versions may occasionally appear as well.

94465 1A SDRVNYL 001
94465 1B SDRVNYL 001
93512 1A CLS 025

Only add ##### (e.g. 94465 or 102345) as LCCN number.

Sometimes the runouts feature a more explicit credit:

In such cases an extra Manufactured By credit can be added to LCCN, but this should not replace Pressed By nor should the job number be added for this credit.

Cutting rooms and personnel
Record Industry has two cutting rooms, one for lacquer (equipped with a Neumann VMS 70 and a VMS 80 lathe) and one for direct metal mastering (equipped with a Neumann VMS 82 lathe). In 2018 an additional in-house mastering and direct-to-disc recording studio was opened above the plant, named Artone Studio after the original owners of the plant (Artone Holland).

Until about 2004, when it was disallowed, some of the cutting engineers etched their names in the runouts. Occasionally these signatures still show on later represses. Engineers who worked here include:
Harry Stoker (1998-early 2000s): no known etching;
Martijn Schreuder (1998-2006): Tyn or Martijn at R.I.;
Rinus Hooning (1998-current): Rinus at R.I.;
Patrick Scholtens (2002-current): PS or Trick (> R.I. or @ Record Industry);
Bob Wilcke: monogram BW;
Thijs (7) (ca. 2002-2003): Thijs (@ Record Industry).

In such cases please use Lacquer Cut By and/or At and do not add the job number to LCCN.

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