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Established in 1977 by Brad Miller, MFSL specializes in remastering major-label music for the "audiophile" market. CD releases began in 1984.

Copyright dates are often left unchanged from the original release; Most MFSL releases are issued a year or so later, please leave release date blank if you are unsure.
First Gold Ultradisc™ CD: 1987-02
First Gold Ultradisc II™ (Made in USA) CD: 1992-09

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Items released commercially as numbered editions were frequently also released as unnumbered promotional copies. These promos should be entered separately from the numbered retail copies.
At least the releases from the first three years were limited editions throughout and wear a sticker with this information on the shrink.

In an email dated 17 December 2018, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs Customer Service confirms that “all of [their] releases are remastered by [their] Sound Labs. No exceptions.” Please see for full emails and discussion.

Known mastering / cutting engineers to have worked there:
Krieg Wunderlich
Paul Stubblebine
Shawn R. Britton
Stan Ricker

Parent Label:Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, Inc.
Sublabels:2:1, ANADISQ 200™, Art & Electronics, Digital Audio Cassette, Discovery Series, GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog 180g Mono Series, Gain 2™ Ultra Analog 45RPM 180g Series, GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog LP 180g Series, High Fidelity Cassette, Original Master Recording, ...
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General Inquires:
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
1811 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago IL 60660 USA
[email protected]

Former address:
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
318 N. Laflin Street
Chicago, IL 60607-1006 USA

Studio and Mastering Facilities:
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
105 Morris Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472 USA

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  • Avatar de gsheputis
    Modifié il y a un an
    Only now they're showing the mastering specs AFTER the lawsuits - further proof that they were lying in the first place - a feast for the lawyers ! This whole country is gettin' sick of lying ! Well geez, I hope !
    • Avatar de PinguRecords
      If you order from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and not everything is available, you will still be charged for the entire shipping cost! Even after repeated requests to return the overpaid shipping costs, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab refuse to pay them back !!!
      Absolutely avoid, in this company is cheated and lies !!!
      Unfortunately, PayPal is not much help either, because of course they make good money on MoFi ..............
      • Avatar de gsheputis
        Modifié il y a un an
        In July 2022, three Mobile Fidelity mastering engineers were interviewed and admitted that ALL One Steps were transferred to DSD digital for mastering purposes, so the One Steps are not a One Step - They're all Two Step Digitals !!!
        Let the lawsuits prevail !!!
        • Avatar de dr.b3nway
          Modifié il y a un an
          This really pains me to write, but here goes. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs is, without a doubt, the worst company pressing records on the planet. The records sound good, but that's it. Their quality control is abhorrent. Their customer service is atrocious. And, the worst of all, they blatantly lie to their customer base about the sourcing of their music.

          I was ready to forgive them over the lies and the quality control and the customer service and the plethora of other problems that are involved with doing business with this horrible company. But, recently, I received their remastering of Love "Forever Changes", and it came to me damaged.

          Pretty much the final straw. They've done nothing to address quality control. They've done nothing to address customer service issues. And they've continued to obfuscate and censor people on social media. I requested that they ship the record outside of the jacket to avoid seem splits (a notorious problem with MOFI, I'm STILL waiting for my Jeff Beck replacement jacket from over a year ago after it arrived with huge seem splits), and it STILL had damage to it. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

          Avoid this company like the plague. They offer nothing but headaches and lies.

          edit: after going through the rest of my order, they also screwed up and sent me two LP1 in the Count Basie release. Returning the entire package. How can they be THIS bad??
          • Avatar de jangrimm
            I genuinely love how, after learning about MoFi's deceptive behaviour and digital parts involved in the process, my urge to purchase all these rare & expensive MFSL boxes (mainly released in the past few years) has completely faded for good! :-) Like I no longer need Eric Clapton's Unplugged, Muddy Water's Folk Singer, Eagles - Eagles, etc. How much money I saved! MFSL single-handedly eased the itch.

            I mean, even though they are charging premium prices, their recent pressings are often still plagued by pressing defects and shortcomings. That was something I always hated, but was willing to accept given the source and process of the material, and the sound after all. But now... why would I buy an overpriced album with digital sources and less-than-perfect pressings? I sure won't.

            Now I can focus on purchasing older MFSL releases, especially 80's releases are tremendously good. Perfect pressings as well on Japanese super vinyl. While recent MFSL records sound very good as well, I always felt like there was something special about the older MFSL releases. Maybe because they weren't plagued by all the pressing issues, maybe because of their back-then truly all-analogue process. I don't know.

            Certainly, though, I know MFSL have rendered themselves deceptive liars. Again, they weren't even close to perfect before, especially because of their inconsistent pressing quality (RTI issues), but all that now just makes them... Seem like a bunch of people you'd never want to buy records from again.

            • Avatar de DogsCollection
              How embarassing for the analog purists who swore by them now... I already saw people say "I always knew they were digital transfers". Yeah right!
              • Avatar de sovlsacrifice
                Guy below me reads like the average american "consoomer" with no self respect: "I will buy their products, I will get excited for new products, and I will be happy". What are you loyal to? Getting scammed? Like someone else said, you are using a strawman argument by claiming that people are angry about the fact that they were listening to a dsd file rather than an AAA cut, when its only a subset of them. In reality it's mainly about the fact that MoFi outright lied about their mastering sources and created artificial scarcity based on the fact that they had limited access to analogue tapes, all while charging premium. That's a terrible thing to do and shows that they do not care for their consumer base. Hopefully such scandal will also lead to every boutique and reissue label to start disclosing their mastering sources rather than be wishy-washy about it. Kevin Gray and Chris Bellman have stated multiple times that reissue labels tell them to never reveal such information, unless the hype sticker states it or otherwise. The vinyl community deserves better.
                • Avatar de Bad_Astronaut
                  The fallout continues. The Washington Post article. Yet another Fremer video.
                  Even now we see the devout followers of Fremer begin to engage in a new delusion.
                  They will convince themselves that they knew all along that the One Steps were digital.
                  They will convince themselves that they never really liked the records that they once loved.
                  They will convince themselves that they could hear that it wasn't really analog.
                  They will describe hearing "digititis" in the records they once loved.
                  They will accept whatever their dear Svengali tells them as absolute gospel.
                  Sadly, there might even be legal action taken.
                  Mobile Fidelity might go under.
                  This is just sad.
                  I have and will continue to support MFSL and buy their products. They have made some of the best LPs I own.
                  MFSL proved that even with the best equipment available, when done right, you can't tell the difference between analog and digital. Fremer, the man with the golden ears, was fooled for a decade, no matter what he says now. He has repeatedly praised MFSL. Now he backs way, but his praise of them is in the public record.
                  • Avatar de Bad_Astronaut
                    To all of the audiophiles complaining. You have been praising the One Steps for several years now. Years. Now that you know it's a 4 X DSD copy that all these are based on, you're mad? You liked it before! Seriously! You guys all loved it because it sounded great. Guess what? IT STILL SOUNDS GREAT! Sure they lied. With guys like Fremer out there beating it into our heads that digital is the devil, they had no choice but to lie if they were going to stay in business. If I knew it was digital, I would NOT have bought it either. Now that I know, I'm okay with it. If MFSL had come out and been upfront about it, they would have gone out of business. We saw Fremer and that German dude that slobbers on him have their "clutch the pearls" moment on Youtube, which was funny. Does it mean some of you will ditch you MFSL records? Does it mean I can buy the Marvin Gaye and Donald Fagen One Steps at a decent price? I'll be super happy if so. These One Steps sound fantastic! They are awesome. You guys need to lighten up. It's not the end of the world. I'd hate to see you guys when you were kids and found out that there was no Santa Claus. I'll bet you were inconsolable.
                    • Avatar de leokats
                      Modifié il y a un an
                      GAIN 2™ Ultra Analog LP 180g Series & Gain 2™ Ultra Analog 45RPM 180g Series (moment of silence). What a bunch of crooks. If MoFi really cared to provide us customers with the best possible sound they would sell those 256 DSD files in the form of file downloads (can't fit them to SACD/CDs). Instead they sell us lossless digital files embedded in a lossy analog record (compromised medium) when the original source is analog conversion done twice and they call this a one-step process. And they also charge 125$. Infuriating.

                      They purposefully misled consumers because they knew they wouldn't sell so many records if they clarified the digital step in their records (and don't give us bs excuses like using DSD for the shake of providing the best sound possible - vinyl audiophile crowd cares only about the analog magic sound and not always about the highest possible fidelity. We would have bought digital if that was the case; however in MoFi's case the highest fidelity digital source they are offering is ironically their vinyl. Since they are doing 256 dsd transfers from their sources their SACDs digital files would have to get through a nasty downsample process (PCM might also get involved) to convert to DSD64. Judging from their attitude I find it very hard to believe that they would care to make three simultaneous independent transfers for SACDs and vinyl, meaning a 256 dsd transfer for vinyl, a 64 dsd for SACD and an 16bit/44khz transfer for the redbook layer of their SACD.

                      And to make matters even worse I am not sure they are even doing fresh DXD transfers from masters for every single of their new titles; we know they did this for Santana and Miles but for many others releases like Beach boys, Charles Mingus (and many more) it's pretty evident that they re-used some of the already existing transfers (at-least for their SACDs releases). At this point their deceiving behaviour is kinda of a business model and me personally I take everything they say with a grain of salt, very disappointed to say the least!