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Firecracker Recordings is an Edinburgh-based house/techno/electronic label run by Lindsay Todd.

Sublabels:Shevchenko, Tending The Void, Unthank
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[email protected]

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  • Avatar de jamello
    is it true that firecracker has closed up shop? social media pages have gone dead, message on their bandcamp says "Most of you have probably heard, but we're shutting up shop here at Firecracker this summer. Fear not, there are new projects coming soon!" is it closing for the summer, or forever? one of my fav labels, great music and artwork.
    • mydeepwax
      Modifié il y a 8 ans
      Really great artworks on this label.
      • Avatar de morphis2525
        Modifié il y a 10 ans
        i'm a recent convert here, only got hip to this stuff when the early emissions comp came out. picked that one up because i liked the cover art. mind totally blown. i musta been out of the loop pretty far to let this label slide under my radar. just ordered everything firecracker, unthank, shevchenko that was available at honest jons, seems they had the most back stock. anyone that has ears should give this music a listen. ten stars.