Label created in Spain by Bruno Abécassis, Williams Rebolledo, Patrick Boissel.
Later opened a branch in France, and has also been the Alive Records distributor in Europe.
Eventually created Marilyn Records in the USA after Patrick Boissel moved to L.A.
Use this one (Marilyn) for Spanish or French releases, or Marilyn Records for US releases.

Catalog numbers: M-xxx denotes first Spanish releases, FMxxxx French Marilyn releases, AMxxx Spanish Mariyn releases.

Parent Label:Marilyn Records
Contact Info:

Marilyn España
% Multirock - Carmen 67
08001 Barcelona
T. 93-4426654
Fax. 93-4424393

Marilyn France
P Boissel
BP 106
75018 Paris
Phone 1-42 62 59 32
Fax 1-42 64 43 37


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