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Ash International (NOT Ash International Records or Ash Records int.) was unleashed onto an unsuspecting world in early 1993 by Mike Harding who also runs the label Touch with Jon Wozencroft. He was initially aided and abetted by Robin Rimbaud (without whom...), but he departed to run his Scanner operation full time in early 1995. Electronic communications, radio emissions and other natural frequencies are an endless source of material... from the early Scanner releases to the Disinformation releases, - both eaves-dropping in their way.

In 1998, after Ash 3.9, Ash International was killed off and reborn as Ash International [R.I.P.]. As it is essentially a continuation of the same label, Discogs lists both Ash International and Ash International [R.I.P.] releases on this page. By the 00s, Ash International elected to drop its [R.I.P.] suffix again…

EST writes (issue Summer 1996): "Label somewhere in the gap between post-industrial and techno, with releases ranging from the notorious (Scanner) to the relatively accessible (S.E.T.I., Aurobindo) to the hopelessly idiosyncratic (Runaway Train, Mesmer)."

Announced, but unreleased:
Ash 2.2: Scanner "Beacon"
Ash 4.4: Phauss "GodTPhauss"
Ash 5.1: Disinformation "Radiate"

Catalogue numbers assigned for non-audio products:
Ash 4.2: v.1
Ash 5.6: Elgaland-Vargaland - digital territory
Ash 5.9: Ash International, "requiescat in sonitus"
Ash 6.2: v.2
Ash 6.3: The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland T-Shirt, designed by Jon Wozencroft
Ash 6.4: Ash ringtones
Ash 6.7:
Ash 7.3: "Ash International recovery services"
Ash 7.7: Lary Seven
Ash 7.9: Solar PV installation
Ash 8.2: v.3
Ash 8.3: "In Dreams" T-shirt
Ash 9.6: Ash International Soundsystem plays Berghain, 6.10.10
Ash 9.8: "freq_out" T-shirt, produced for freq_out participants
Ash 9.9: Leif Elggren "Yellow and Black" Installation
Ash 10.2: "Ash die back"
Ash 10.3: Ash International on Twitter, @ash10_3
Ash 10.4: "Ash Wednesday"
Ash 10.5: "Ash Spam"
Ash 10.6: "Ash Clouds"
Ash 10.7: "Ash TV"
Ash 11.5: 15 Years of ¡IT!
Ash 11.6: "Ash Clouds, Volume 2"
Ash 11.7: "Ash Annexed"
Ash 11.9: "Drone" T-shirt
Ash 12.2: v.4
Ash 12.4: "Betty"
Ash 12.9: "Drøne" T-shirt
Ash 13.1: "The Great Numbering"
Ash 13.2: Ash International on Bandcamp

Ash TS1: "Hear Scanner Before Scanner Hears You" limited German T-shirt
Ash PC1: Arthur S. Aubry "Spontaneous Proton Decay" postcard
AshMAC 1: Scandisk Mac floppy disc
AshMAC 2: Blinddisc Mac floppy disc

Sublabels:Parapsychic Acoustic Research Cooperative , X , Bandcamp


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