Red Planet

Red Planet

Detroit techno label. Releases distributed via Submerge (3).
Label Principal:


N° de Cat  Artiste Titre (Format) Label N° de Cat  Pays Année
133310 The Martian Cosmic Movement(2xFile, MP3, 320) Red Planet 133310 US Unknown
RP-1 Meet The Red Planet pochette d'album A Martian From Detroit* Meet The Red Planet RP-1 US 1992 Vendre cette version
RP 2 Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer pochette d'album The Martian Cosmic Movement / Star Dancer RP 2 US 1993 Vendre cette version
rp-3 Sex In Zero Gravity pochette d'album The Martian Sex In Zero Gravity rp-3 US 1993 Vendre cette version
RP-4 Journey To The Martian Polar Cap pochette d'album The Martian Journey To The Martian Polar Cap RP-4 US 1993 Vendre cette version
RP-5 The Long Winter Of Mars pochette d'album The Martian The Long Winter Of Mars(2x12") Red Planet RP-5 US 1994 Vendre cette version
RP-6 Ghostdancer pochette d'album The Martian Ghostdancer(2x12") Red Planet RP-6 US 1995 Vendre cette version
RP-7 Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions pochette d'album The Martian Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions(12") Red Planet RP-7 US 1997 Vendre cette version
RP-8 Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother pochette d'album The Martian Particle Shower / The Voice Of Grandmother RP-8 US 1997 Vendre cette version
RP-9 Prayer Stick pochette d'album Martian 044 Prayer Stick RP-9 US 1998 Vendre cette version
RP10 LBH - 6251876 (A Red Planet Compilation) pochette d'album The Martian LBH - 6251876 (A Red Planet Compilation)(CD, Comp) Red Planet RP10 US 1999 Vendre cette version
RP-11 Revenge Of The Wolf pochette d'album The Martian Revenge Of The Wolf RP-11 US 2002 Vendre cette version
RP-12 Pipecarrier EP pochette d'album The Martians* Pipecarrier EP (EP) RP-12 US 2003 Vendre cette version
RP-13 The Last Stand / Sunchaser pochette d'album Martian 044 / The Martians* Martian 044 / The Martians* - The Last Stand / Sunchaser RP-13 US 2005 Vendre cette version
RP 14 Techno Symphonic In G pochette d'album The Martian Techno Symphonic In G(12") Red Planet RP 14 US 2010 Vendre cette version
RP7-12 Tobacco Ties / Spacewalker pochette d'album The Martian Tobacco Ties / Spacewalker RP7-12 US 2003 Vendre cette version
RP7-13 The Last Stand / Sunchaser pochette d'album Martian 044 / The Martians* Martian 044 / The Martians* - The Last Stand / Sunchaser(7") Red Planet RP7-13 US 2004 Vendre cette version
SVE 4 Origins Of A Sound pochette d'album Various Origins Of A Sound(CD, Comp) Submerge (3) SVE 4 US 1995 Vendre cette version

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21 mai 2018
one of the best Detroit Label ever . . .


12 septembre 2012
This has got to be the ultimate Detroit Techno label for me, Red Planets 1 to 9 are all classics that still sound amazing today. Uncompromising, experimental, progressive, funky, banging, contemplative, melancholy, joyful and uplifting, harsh and beautiful, the Red Planet series is all these things. Sounds like some brothers from Detroit and a bunch of Native Americans got together and decided they had enough of this world and went off to Mars to form a musical tribe that would beam back their creations to earth in the hopes of enlightening humanity and creating a better world than the one they left behind. I wonder if George Clinton and Sun Ra ever stopped by Mars and met these guys during their travels through space? Sure sounds like it!


16 novembre 2010
edité over 7 years ago
My introduction to Detroit techno. The Martian is a handle for the well known Mad Mike Banks. But occasionally other famous Detroit musicians have recorded under the name.

The Red Planet is a mainstay in Detroit techno, shadowed only by Underground Resistance itself.
Music is taken to another level on the Red Planet label. It becomes a medium for a message, and enlightenment. It's as though every album is seemingly a classic, yet the producers take no real recognition for creating any of it. I would discourage anyone from buying these on discogs. Get it from submerge if you can.


27 mars 2006
edité over 13 years ago
This label truly summarises the detroit sound. Simple, yet at the same time complicated in it's sound architecture the releases are captivating.
My absolute favorites are "Sex in Zero Gravity" and "Sunchaser". Although the sound will definitely not excite your common club crowd. Instead, it will drive all true techno lovers to frenzy.
Keep it true.


20 mai 2004
Mike Banks has fiercely denied any involvement in the Red Planet label. The records are always credited to 'The Martian' and when complimented on a RP release Mike has always said 'thanks, ill tell the Martian'