Atlantic sambrown4608

1 mai 2017
Have you ever had problems with vinyls warping while shipping internationally?

Atlantic jamesjazzy

29 septembre 2018
edité 7 months ago
Hi. No...not in particular...... I’ve noticed if you leave the original shriink wrap on and then you put another outer plastic sleeve (I.e double wrapped) it can warp. But that doesn’t happen all the time and I have found no direct correlation with international shipments.

Atlantic seywhut

30 juillet 2018
I live in the south and collect singles that fit in the mailbox which is in direct sunlight. No matter what I've tried - even having the seller write, "Leave on front porch only", it still winds up in the mailbox. As long as the vinyl is sandwiched tightly between filler boards it will be fine. Taped tightly and you'll have to tell the seller that. 4 to 6 filler boards is preferred to give it enough rigid support. Don't get too excited and let the box cool down to room temperature before you open it. Albums are usually left on my porch in the shade and even in 110 degree weather they don't warp.

Atlantic BethesdaMD

3 novembre 2017
Ha, now they're on yet another page. No sense updating this anymore I guess.

Atlantic g-klaven

3 janvier 2017
Update: Due to added releases SD prefixes now starts at