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Merge Records is an independent record label based in Durham, North Carolina. It was founded in 1989 by Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan. It began as a way to release music from their band Superchunk and music created by friends, and has expanded to include artists from around the world and records reaching the top of the Billboard music charts.

Sublabels:25th Anniversary Reissue Series, Born Under A Good Sign, Merge Peak Vinyl, Or Thousands Of Prizes, Transcendental Records (2)
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Merge Records
PO Box 1235
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Mailorder Questions: [email protected]
General Information: [email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , Vimeo , Wikipedia , YouTube


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  • Avatar de staysmartxxx
    Wow - did not realise some vinyl pressing are so crappy - good to know even though I am most keen on digital releases but my daughter is digging vinyl but mainly Neil Diamond! Haha - thanks Notec!
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      Modifié il y a 8 ans
      Merge are not the makers of good quality vinyl records. Both in sound quality and physical product. For starters, the outer jackets are made from cheap "thin" brown paper pulp and the vinyl itself is by and large a noisy affair (most likely from the use of recycled vinyl) which produces horrible sound quality issues. I've ordered directly from the label and "every single LP" I have received via this channel have had corner bumps or creases.

      Their vinyl of the past 3 years is always warped (with the exception of the 180 gram releases). Many pretty badly (how it got passed QA is a head scratcher.)

      So all you bands that I like - find a better label to make your records....