Spiral Tribe's label. Started in 1994, defunct in 1996.

As well as releasing music by ST or their individual members, the label also issued records by outside artists such as Unit Moebius, Curley, Les Boucles Etranges, Somatic Responses, and Caustic Visions. The first releases were pressed at GZ-Vinyl and suffer from inferior sound quality. The records were initially sold at Spiral Tribe's (free) parties, but the label's current cult status only started to grow after it closed down, the records gaining recognition as collectable techno classics several years after they were released. The obscure nature of the label has led to speculation whether some records actually exist, such as, for instance, NTW 38 or 39 or Stormcore 4.

In 2005 Network Repress was set up, to re-release tracks from Network23.

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Sublabels:23 RECORDS OR BUST, Sinister Sounds, Stormcore
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[Obsolete, for reference only]:

Network 23 Distribution
Door 15
44 Rue Marcadet
75018 Paris

Phone: 0033 1 42 54 75 66
Fax: 0033 1 42 62 69 , Bandcamp


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  • Avatar de renaud-jegou-45911
    Le meilleur label de musique de tous les temps ! Dommage que les originaux soient si chers !
    • Avatar de vdbdux
      somebody know why network 23 - 11 isn't in database , not produced ? a reason ?
      • Avatar de philou
        Don't know if that belongs to database, but NTW23 01 to 05 (coloured versions) were sold as a pack with a Spiral Tribe dj bag in early free parties.
        • Avatar de zacmobile
          Modifié il y a 19 ans
          Incidentally, Network23 is also the name of the ominous multi-national television network conglomerate in the late 80's cult cyberpunk TV series Max Headroom. An ironic yet somehow fitting namesake for this legendary label of underground resistance.