Herbal International


Herbal International formerly known as Herbal Records is an experimental music label founded 2003 by Goh Lee Kwang in Malaysia.

The label issued regular compact-discs Concrete Disc series, and ran a few series: Why Not Ltd (2005-2009) - limited edition of 40 copies CDrs, Theme Park (2009-2012) and Live Actions limited edition of 55 copies featuring live recordings and a sublabel on download-only named New Directions.

Herbal Concrete Disc series are 6 panels Digipak, without plastic tray, depend on the project, some of the release also include a booklet. Herbal Concrete Disc series focus on sound art, field recording, minimal electronic, electro-acoustic improvisation, musique concrète...

Sous-labels:Concrete Disc, Live Actions, New Directions, Theme Park, Why Not Ltd


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