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A list of the finest VINYL albums in my collection, beyond any collectible value and genre. It was an hard work to select them... This list probably will change again and again. Alphabetical order, only one release per artist.

  1. A Certain Ratio - The Double 12"

    11 En Vente à partir de 16,85 $US

    The masterpiece of funk-wave (together with records from Contortions, Ludus, Lizzy Mercier, Palais Schaumburg etc....).

  2. American Music Club - California

    8 En Vente à partir de 25,00 $US

    Mark Eitzel and his band have been a cornerstone in the transition of the modern american roots music to the new decade.

  3. Amon Düül II - Yeti

    30 En Vente à partir de 28,09 $US

    The freaky and psych krautrock become dark and obscure.

  4. Antena - Camino Del Sol

    6 En Vente à partir de 21,35 $US

    Sweet and sad bossa-wave, really minimal: the sound is true analog electronics. Perfect and enjoyable.

  5. Aphrodite's Child - 666

    Freaky-psychedelic satanism. The end of the flower-power dream. Great!

  6. Area (6) - Crac!

    14 En Vente à partir de 32,00 $US

    One of the greatest band in experimental prog-jazz, with politically engaged lyrics and the incredible voice and personality of Demetrio Stratos.

  7. Arrested Development - Zingalamaduni

    17 En Vente à partir de 7,50 $US

    Freaky hip hop, wonderful lyrics, joy de vivre.

  8. Bauhaus - In The Flat Field

    36 En Vente à partir de 15,73 $US

    The masterpiece of post-punk-dark-goth-rock.

  9. Beast (10) - Beast

    15 En Vente à partir de 12,00 $US

    A lost gem of the psychedelic era. This record is deeply underrated.

  10. The Beatles - The Beatles

    10 En Vente à partir de 38,00 $US

    No words.

  11. Bee Gees - Bee Gees' 1st

    37 En Vente à partir de 1,90 $US

    Sweet psychedelia and pop before the 'Saturday Night Fever' disco-crap...

  12. Big Black - Songs About Fucking

    27 En Vente à partir de 18,75 $US

    The invention of noisepunk.

  13. Billy Bragg - Talking With The Taxman About Poetry

    30 En Vente à partir de 5,00 $US

    Acoustic cockney punk. Politically and musically vital.

  14. Björk - Homogenic

    26 En Vente à partir de 16,85 $US

    The perfect balance between experimentation and enjoyment: together with 'Selma's song', this is IMO the best from Bjork.

  15. Boards Of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

    23 En Vente à partir de 32,99 $US

    One of the most fascinating album in 'romantic' electronics.

  16. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited

    Like a rolling stone.

  17. The Byrds - Younger Than Yesterday

    33 En Vente à partir de 2,00 $US

    Great group, great record: the psychedelic jingle-jangle at its best.

  18. Can - Tago Mago

    15 En Vente à partir de 24,72 $US

    Arcane and rarefied. Is still one of the most 'modern' records ever.

  19. Cha-Cha Cohen - Cha Cha Cohen

    15 En Vente à partir de 5,61 $US

    Really underrated. A beautiful voice on an exciting 'punky' drum'n'bass.

  20. Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde* - Of Cabbages And Kings

    20 En Vente à partir de 4,00 $US

    Weird orchestral-psychedelic album with fairy-tale lyrics. Really enjoyable.

  21. The Chameleons - Script Of The Bridge

    6 En Vente à partir de 63,38 $US

    Romantic postpunk from England. Songs at the same time epic and sad. One of my fav in this genre.

  22. Chicago Transit Authority* - Chicago Transit Authority

    A hippy-jazz masterpiece, a flower-power political manifesto.

  23. Chris Barber - Drat That Fratle Rat!

    11 En Vente à partir de 13,48 $US

    Lost gem in the british romantic jazzrock.

  24. Christian Death - Catastrophe Ballet

    11 En Vente à partir de 22,46 $US

    The best esotheric-punk album, beautiful.