Artists performing under a pseudonym, stage name or nickname (a name other than their real or birth name)

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Artist names other than their Real or Birth Name; excludes artists known by or with a minor variation to their first or last name(s); e.g. Madonna, Prince, Beck, Ray Charles, Duffy, etc.
Like Discogs, this list is not comprehensive and is a work in progress.

  1. 101

    The Edge

    The Edge

    David Howell Evans

  2. 103



    Peter Anthony Robinson

  3. 104



    Harris Glenn Milstead

  4. 105



    Christopher Hamill

  5. Tammy Wynette

    Virginia Wynette Pugh

  6. 109

    Bob Hope

  7. Barry Manilow

    Barry Alan Pincus

  8. Billy Ocean

    Leslie Sebastian Charles

  9. Rick Springfield

    Richard Lewis Springthorpe

  10. Donna Summer

    LaDonna Adrian Gaines

  11. Tina Arena

    Filippina Lydia Arena

  12. 118


  13. Sheena Easton

    Sheena Shirley Orr

  14. 121

    Guru Josh

    Guru Josh

    Paul Dudley Walden

  15. 123

    Tone Loc

    Tone Loc

    Anthony Terrell Smith

  16. Daryl Somers

    Daryl Schulz