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BAD MUSIC - music that is not enjoyable to listen to | mala música | mauvaise musique | schreckliche Musik | brutta musica | slechte muziek | música ruim | 不快な音楽

There are two common kinds of bad music: the Worst Records Ever Made type, which include tracks which are clearly incompetent musically; made by singers who can't sing, players who can't play, producers who can't produce, and tracks involving genre confusion. The most common examples are actors or TV stars recording in the latest style. Another type of "bad music" is "rock critical lists, such as tracks that feature sound gimmicks that have outlived their charm or novelty and tracks that depend on false sentiment that feature an excess of feeling molded into a radio-friendly pop song.

Three common qualities attributed to bad music: inauthentic, bad taste (see also: kitsch), and stupid. The marking off of some tracks and genres and artists as 'bad' is a necessary part of popular music pleasure; it is a way we establish our place in various music worlds. And 'bad' is a key word here because it suggests that aesthetic and ethical judgements are tied together here: not to like a record is not just a matter of taste; it is also a matter of argument, and argument that matters. This analysis of popular music is based in sociology.

  1. Ted Nugent

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  2. Lee Greenwood


  3. 3 Doors Down


  4. Toby Keith


  5. Scott Baio


  6. Bruce Willis


  7. James Woods (9)

    POS loser ...Sad!