Code 212: Chicago House All-Stars

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You will find everyone that had anything to do with the Chicago dance music scene, be it on a small or grand scale, here in this list. It's also a convenient way for me to say a big "thank you" and "respect" to all my Chicago dance music heroes that ever put out a slammin' record!

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Thank you so much for all the amazing music past, present and future.

Peace and respect,

Leon (aka 'justice808' & 'funk_wid_it')

  1. Larry Heard

    AKA Mr. Fingers.

  2. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk

    AKA Farley "Funkin" Keith.

  3. James "Jack Rabbit" Martin

    R.I.P. Acid master.

  4. 12

    Mr. Lee

  5. Victor Houston

    AKA Melodious Myles.

  6. 16



    R.I.P. Acid master.

  7. 18