Japanese Mini LPs

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My collection of these beauties.

Ask questions or discuss Japanese mini Lps here: http://www.discogs.com/groups/5104

"Replica CDs (Mini LPs) are official audiophile releases manufactured in Japan with incredible attention to detail. CDs made in Japan are revered by collectors and specialists for their very clean sound, production quality, and they are superior in nearly every way to pressings from other countries. The Japanese packaging of classic albums in cardboard sleeve miniature is a wonder to behold. Replicas are often the nearly exact duplications of the first pressings of the LPs and everything that was present in the original LP may be included such as gatefolds, booklets, lyric sheets, posters, printed CD sleeves, stickers, embosses, special paper or inks, and die cuts.

WARNING: Do not buy these replica CDs from sellers from East-Europe, Finland, Greece or China unless you have confirmed them trustworthy sellers. They highly likely might be fake ones .

More info about fakes: http://www.minilps.net/fakes

  1. Visitors - Visitors

    5 En Vente à partir de 31,99 $US

  2. Bacamarte - Depois Do Fim

    4 En Vente à partir de 47,18 $US

  3. Julverne - Emballade ...

    7 En Vente à partir de 38,19 $US

  4. Julverne - Coulonneux

    3 En Vente à partir de 44,94 $US

  5. Zior - Zior

    5 En Vente à partir de 22,47 $US

  6. Osanna - Landscape Of Life

    11 En Vente à partir de 29,00 $US

  7. Blue Goose (2) - Blue Goose

    3 En Vente à partir de 42,40 $US

  8. Judd (2) - Judd

    11 En Vente à partir de 20,00 $US

  9. Mouse (14) - Lady Killer

    10 En Vente à partir de 24,71 $US

  10. Uncle Dog (2) - Old Hat

    3 En Vente à partir de 44,94 $US