Norwegian Ambient Artists

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A random list of Norwegian ambient artists I would recommend checking out. Not all of them have produced just ambient music though.

  1. Biosphere

    Arctic ambient pioneer

  2. Northaunt

    Dark ambient

  3. Svartsinn

    Dark ambient

  4. Mortiis

    All albums from debut up until "Startgate" are ambient or dungeon synth

  5. 5



    Daudi Baldrs" and "Hlidskjalf" are the only pure ambient albums

  6. Wongraven

    Folk ambient

  7. Ryfylke

    Noise/drone ambient

  8. Wardruna

    Traditional shaman/nordic folk music with ambient elements

  9. Ildjarn

    "Landscapes" is only pure ambient album

  10. Ildjarn-Nidhogg

    "Hardangervidda" and "Hardangervidda II"

  11. Deathprod

    Minimal / dark ambient

  12. 13



    Ritual Ambient