The 2000's trend of groups with animal names.

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Aren't you also thinking, well, we're in 2010, what was the music of the 2000s (the decade without a name) all about? The one thing that is sure is the return of all sorts of wild animals in independent music: we have the Wolves (Wolf Eyes), their prey (Deerhoof, Deerhunter), and other artiodactyls (Thee Stranded Horse, Horseas). I'll try to put them in a list, contact me if you know more examples.

  1. Wolf Eyes - Wolf Eyes

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  2. Wolf Parade - Wolf Parade

    6 En Vente à partir de 3,75 $US

  3. High Wolf - High Wolf

    2 En Vente à partir de 13,48 $US

  4. Deerhoof - Halfbird

    7 En Vente à partir de 4,00 $US

  5. Electronicat - Cat A Tac

    15 En Vente à partir de 5,62 $US

  6. Cat Power - Moon Pix

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  7. Mouse On Mars

    they were precursors of that trend, starting in 1994!

  8. Pantha Du Prince

    what kind of animal is a Pantha exactly?

  9. Panda Bear - Bro's

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