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Explorez les listes de la Communauté Discogs. Elles peuvent porter sur tout - pochettes d'album célèbres, producteurs prolifiques, vos albums de vacances préférés - les possibilités sont infinies ! Les listes peuvent contenir artistes, références, labels, voire d'autres listes.

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Voici quelques listes qui, selon nous, méritent d'être citées. Dites-nous s'il y en a d'autres qui devraient figurer ici.

Liste Utilisateur Description Créée le
house and clouds reflection stock cover jetydo

[url=https://www.discogs.com/lists/Stock-Cover-Master-List/402068]stock cover master list[/url]

about 3 hours ago

about 4 hours ago
Mute collection aKagod

i guess i'd have to consider mute my favourite label. i'm a bit surprised i don't own even more than i do. i'm sure the number will continue to climb.

about 4 hours ago
2016: Albums of the Year (World) Joao_Prado_Franca

As published on the Portuguese weekly Expresso [Includes archival releases]

about 5 hours ago
2016: Albums of the Year (Jazz) Joao_Prado_Franca

As published on the Portuguese weekly Expresso [Includes archival releases]

about 6 hours ago
2016: Albums of the Year (Classical) Joao_Prado_Franca

As published on the Portuguese weekly Expresso [Includes archival releases]

about 6 hours ago
soleilmoon/caciocavallo/staalplaat collection aKagod

close enough to 50 to require a list. some of this was certainly bought with purpose (LPDs/EKS, nocturnal emissions, z'ev, lustmord, ZF/RF,...

about 6 hours ago
tympanik collection aKagod

despite owning a large chunk of this label's output i really haven't delved too deeply into many of these releases. i got them very cheap and was...

about 7 hours ago
artoffact collection aKagod

not really a beacon of original or new music for me personally. they do, however, release a great deal of reissues and archival material that is...

about 7 hours ago
Carnaval SeniorNL60

about 7 hours ago
metropolis collection aKagod

a label more prominent in my collection than i thought. they spent a good chunk of time putting out euro EBM and bad 90s cold wave (a few of...

about 8 hours ago
cleopatra collection aKagod

quite a few of these releases just seemed to fall into my lap over the years, but i'm making label lists for independent labels i own 50+ releases...

about 9 hours ago
4AD collection aKagod

a lot of missing pieces here to catch up on in time.

about 10 hours ago
🌟🇧🇴🍹 Sweet Bolivian Cumbia cocktail 🌟🇧🇴🌴 musictimelessness

Bolivian albums, EPs, singles of Cumbia music from the 60s to the 90s.

about 11 hours ago
Played in Hjärngymnastik on Soundcloud lacksesepsotygh

Some of the tracks that have been played in the weekly cratedigger mixseries Hjärngymnastik. The series is dedicated to '90s IDM, Detroit Techno,...

about 12 hours ago
nettwerk collection aKagod

having my all time favourite band (skinny puppy) really boosts this list, but still a prominent label in my collection nonetheless.

about 12 hours ago
na prodej/výměnu Ravensdom

about 12 hours ago
Advance highdensity666

about 12 hours ago
warp records collection aKagod

some of these are technically from other labels (wax trax, nothing, matador etc) but i counted them as long as either the warp logo or website...

about 13 hours ago
planet mu collection aKagod

just a list of official releases i own from the label.

about 13 hours ago
Best Albums Of All Time houndsofwax

about 14 hours ago
nothing records collection aKagod

just a list of my official nothing releases. i do need several more items in order to own all the tracks the label put out (mostly some remixes,...

about 15 hours ago
wax trax collection aKagod

built this list just to see how many official releases i had with the actual wax trax logo. most of my would-be wax trax releases are from other...

about 15 hours ago
klanggalerie collection aKagod

almost entirely bought directly from the label, but a few were randomly plucked from other sources. sadly missing quite a few things for now, but...

about 16 hours ago
Princess Divi's Favorites for Planned Mixes DivineVideos1

Not meant to rip-off DJ Mixes, but to use them as inspiration for designing something creative and fun Who is DJ Princess Divi? Me

about 21 hours ago