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Explorez les listes de la Communauté Discogs. Elles peuvent porter sur tout - pochettes d'album célèbres, producteurs prolifiques, vos albums de vacances préférés - les possibilités sont infinies ! Les listes peuvent contenir artistes, références, labels, voire d'autres listes.

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Here are a few Lists we think deserve a mention.

Liste Utilisateur Description Créée le
Top 10: 2023 danote

about 5 hours ago
oct carnevallipedro

about 6 hours ago
◌ ◌ Ⓢⓔⓔⓓⓘⓩ ◌ ◌ FreedomOfSpeed

[url=]◌ ◌ Rare and obscure electronic CDs from all over the world ◌ ◌[/url]

about 7 hours ago
Mihu alex.albu

US wantlist for Mihu

about 8 hours ago
Weeknd Albums I Must Have lohitk

about 9 hours ago
Hom(i)e Productions Vinyleria.23

about 11 hours ago
The LoveSongs Productions Connection SeashoreArchive

This list aims to lap up every album related to LoveSongs Productions, inc., whether directly or not. This includes any subsidiary publishing...

about 12 hours ago
OHM Resistance For Sale (Condtition: NEW) helikombinaat

about 13 hours ago
Wantlist KnifeZodiac

Not in any order but I know all James Leyland Kirby (The Stranger, The Caretaker, V/VM, Leyland Kirby, Etc) Releases are always first

about 16 hours ago
Artist Profiles Named "The Hi-Lites" afarewelltokings

free artist profiles out of numerical order: The Hi-Lites (16)

about 17 hours ago
Wantlist dmatasoff

about 20 hours ago
2023 matheusroluz

about 22 hours ago
New Stock Selections 2023 October - December TheGentlemanDealer

1 day ago
Wanted minor_tough

1 day ago
CD4 tsaliagos

1 day ago
rare wanted apathyrecharge

1 day ago
Collection transfer Crashfan123

1 day ago
rzeczy co słuchałem w październiku 2023 JAU95

1 day ago
Bel Air Canada SP BEL. 7xx / LP BAM 70xx (1964-1965) killbill74

Bel Air SP singles series BEL. 7xx Bel Air LP albums series BAM 70xx. distributed in Canada by London Records (1964-1965). Singles SP Bel Air...

1 day ago
88 Most loved musicians & composers rebornventura

1 day ago
WFMU 2023 Wanted Rumination

1 day ago
dia pålen ab ALLCI1TYVON

1 day ago
Aw Shucks BLK_Vinyl

Cover Me

1 day ago
Gems raycomplex


2 days ago
1928 Victor Foreign Releases xiphophilos

In 1928, during the Scroll label area, Victor began to add prefixes to its foreign release catalog numbers that indicate the language of the...

2 days ago