Donna ReginaDis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By



Driving In Your Car - Dean & Britta Version4:51
End Of September - The National Jazz Trio Of Scotland Version4:17
Make My Nana - Schlammpeitziger Version4:54
How Beautiful - Chica & The Folder Version4:06
Coloured Like Ashes (Monochrome) - Leichtmetall Version3:42
Lift Me Up - Console Version4:55
Blue (Happy Without You) - Il Tempo Gigante Version4:18
Les Claviers De Colours - Astrobal & Tom Terrien (Feat. Nina Savary)4:06
Northern Classic - Dani Siciliano Version4:16
Star Ferry - Betrand Burgalat Version3:20
Late Trans Lated - Mouse On Mars3:40
Let's Get Slow (Wolniej Bądź ) - Miłka Version3:10
Holding The Mirror For Sophia Loren - Thomas Fehlmann Version (Feat. Gudrun Gut)4:19


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    Pochette de Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By , 2015-09-00, VinylDis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By
    LP, Album
    Karaoke Kalk – 85LPGermany2015Germany2015
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    Pochette de Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By , 2015, CDDis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By
    CD, Album, Promo
    Karaoke Kalk – 85 - CD/LP/DLEurope2015Europe2015
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Dis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By , 2015-09-11, CDDis Cover - Donna Regina As Recorded By
    CD, Album
    Karaoke Kalk – 85 CDGermany2015Germany2015
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    • Avatar de streetmouse
      The pressing of this album is not first rate. I was surprised at the surface noise and pops on a brand new album played on a Thorens Turntable.
      • Avatar de streetmouse
        With this, their twelfth album, Donna Regina [Günther and Regina Janssen] continue to evolve and progress, creating music that both interests them, and music that allows them to create an atmospheric adventure that doesn’t so much follow the times or the fads of the day, but holds sway by existing in a recognizable moment ... and by doing so, allows their musical creations to always sound fresh and inviting. Much of this has to do with the breathy voice Regina Janssen, as it floats in and out of Günther Janssen's melodies, melodies that are delivered with a light hand and sense of expansive beauty.

        Though unknown to most, those who have discovered this couple [who now reside in Berlin, by way of Cologne] are well aware of their timeless musical interplay, especially here on “Dis Cover,” where they tribute old and new friends, developing what can only be described as musical gifts. Donna Regina is one of those groups you’re going to have to stumble on, and once you do, you’ll be off on an adventure that will certainly be worth you time.

        Included on this outing are songs by Dean & Britta, The National Jazz Trio of Scotland, Schlammpeitziger, Chica and the Folder, Leichtmetall, Console, Il Tempo Gigante, Astrobal and Tom Terrien featuring Nina Savary, Dani Siciliano, Bertrand Burgalat, Mouse on Mars, Miłka, and Thomas Fehlmann featuring Gudrun Gut.

        Review by Jenell Kesler

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