Brigade InternationaleRegard Extrême

Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:New Wave


First Time4:16
Arche Ténèbre4:01
In Obscurity5:23
Normal Night4:17
Regard Extrême4:39
First Time4:35
Remember My Death3:56
Le Désert Des Tortures4:10
Normal Night3:55
Dernier Été De Klingsor2:08

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    Détails de la versionQualité des informations
    Pochette de Regard Extrême, 1984, CassetteRegard Extrême
    Cassette, Album, C46
    Wallenberg Produktion – WALL.001France1984France1984
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Regard Extreme, 2009, VinylRegard Extreme
    LP, Album, Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue
    ειρκτή – eirmi 04Greece2009Greece2009
    Regard Extrême
    LP, Album, Reissue, Test Pressing
    ειρκτή – eirmi 04Greece2009Greece2009
    Nouvelle proposition



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      BRIGADE INTERNATIONALE was Olivier Foubert (vocals, trombone, guitar, rhythms), Bruno Vaugelade (bass, rhythms, lyrics), Cecile Balladino (keys), Gilbert Correy (drums) and Midge Feld (everything else) from France. “Regard Extrême” was their first release on cassette in 1984 on the Wallenberg Produktion label. The music is ultra melancholic dark/cold wave driven mainly by bass and keyboards and adding sparse guitars and analogue drum machines (Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88, Roland TR-606) to it - will appeal to fans of other classic French bands like Clair Obscur, Die Bunker or Ligne d’Hiver, the German Die Unbekannten. Great to see/hear that the Eirkti label is not only offering forgotten pearls from Greece, but keeps on offering other fantastic releases from obscure French projects. The dark cover artwork adds perfectly to the music so altogether: another DIY melancholic cold wave classic!

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