Flying Fingers4:49
Les Ondes7:48
Wan Dence7:51
Bad Vibes (D.Mix)5:18

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    Pochette de Pansoul, 1996-10-28, CDPansoul
    CD, Album
    Different – DIF 001 CD, Pias France – 451.0001.20 - 380 PSFrance1996France1996
    Pochette de Pansoul, 1996-10-28, VinylPansoul
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Different – DIF 001 DLPEurope1996Europe1996
    Pochette de Pansoul, 1996, VinylPansoul
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album
    Motorbass – MB003France1996France1996
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Pansoul, 1996, CDPansoul
    CD, Album
    Motorbass – MB003, Motorbass – MB003CD1996France1996France1996
    Pochette de Pansoul, 1996-06-00, CDPansoul
    CD, Album
    Motorbass – 374.0002.20France1996France1996
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2003-03-25, CDPansoul
    CD, Album, Reissue; CD, Compilation
    Astralwerks – ASW 81839, Astralwerks – ASW81839, Astralwerks – 724358183924
    +1 autre label…
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2003, CDPansoul
    CD, Album, Copy Protected, Reissue; CD, Compilation, Copy Protected
    Labels – 724358202625France2003France2003
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2003, CDPansoul
    CD, Album, Reissue; CD, Compilation
    Labels – CDVIR 210, Labels – 7243 5 81839 2 4Netherlands2003Netherlands2003
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2003, VinylPansoul
    2×12", Album, ReissueGatefold
    Virgin – 724358183917France2003France2003
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2003, CDrPansoul
    CDr, Album, Promo; CDr, Compilation, Promo
    Labels – noneFrance2003France2003
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2006, VinylPansoul
    2×12", Album, Reissue
    Motorbass – MB 003, Labels – 581 839-1France2006France2006
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Pansoul, 2021-10-22, VinylPansoul
    2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
    Ed Banger Records – MB003, Cassius – MB003, Motorbass – MB003
    +1 autre label…
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Pansoul, , CDPansoul
    CD, Album, Copy Protected, Promo
    Labels – noneFranceFrance
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de 1993 Transphunk, , CD1993 Transphunk
    CD, Album, Promo
    Source 360° – none, Virgin – noneFranceFrance
    Nouvelle proposition
    • Avatar de aquea20
      Modifié il y a un mois
      Somebody have to explain me why this new repress is sold more than the originals copies ahahaha
      • Avatar de Hauntology
        My copy sounds amazing. No defects on any of the four sides.
        It plays very smooth and packs some punches. No complaints here.
        • Avatar de Opikanoba
          Erf, kinda desapointed with the pressing quality, i have lots of cracks all over the 2 records...
          We can ear somein the FULL EP Vidéo linked..
          • Avatar de 1984__the--djphunk
            Modifié il y a un mois
            Ed banger edition ....... ????

            God damned ..... no way for me

            Imagine dracula 🧛🏼‍♂️ eating by A Mosquito 🦟

            Omg ..... this daft mafia from Neuilly are completely recovered all possible emergencies off leftway industry like cov19 are for Tyranny
            • Avatar de Mad-Meex
              R.I.P Philippe Zdar. Truly an innovator/creator on the French scene!
              • Avatar de dynomik
                One of the best but unfortunately missing track "fabulous" on vinyl??? What's wrong here?
                • Avatar de IntaRunner
                  One of the best electronic dance LPs of the 90s /// Sottofet dropping Ezio last night @ sex tags mania night in Berlin(Ohm) was phenomenal
                  • Avatar de discofutura
                    motorbass was the real thing, to some what kickstarted the French scene. Arguable. However, something to agree is that it was underrated and well under the radar once the limelight was on Daft Punk, St. Germain and co. Motorbass it does hold the passage of time pretty well. It is a masterpiece of dub, house bathed in sensual atmosphere and with smart samples. It contains total dancefloor bombs. It is bass rich and classy. An absolute golden gem of an album. So original and different.
                    • Avatar de scoundrel
                      Modifié il y a 17 ans
                      An absolute classic, not only of French house, but of electronic music in general. Long before the filters, long before the disco revival, there was the deep funk of Motorbass. Although PANSOUL was their only album, this release compiles their early EPs onto a second disc, a shrewd and respectful move. Starting with the slow and groovy “Fabulous,” the album quickly moves onto the biting beats and filters of “Ezio,” one of the best house tracks out there. But right up there with “Ezio” is the blues-house of “Neptune,” as moody as they come. The second disc of earlier works is understandably less smooth and refined as PANSOUL but still displays flashes of brilliance, like “Stereogram Gelato” which starts out jazzy, then goes pure techno. While EP1 is very acid-influenced, the TRANSPHUNK EP is closer to PANSOUL in style. Taken as a whole, though, this new edition of PANSOUL is a must for anyone serious about electronic music.
                      • Avatar de bluegrassbreakdown
                        The verse "have you heard the latest news (thing) from Neptune" on track B4 is adopted from Sun Ra's same named track from the 1973 Album "Discipline 27-II".
                        Both tracks have a similar course and lenght and also ending. I maintain Motorbass made a fine remix of Sun Ra's composition. By the way, another track on the Discipline album is named Pan Afro. Any other hints?
                        For those who like the easier tunes from the Sun Ra Arkestra I can hardly recommend to give this album a try. There are reissues available both on CD and LP.

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