Ruth WhiteFlowers Of Evil


The Clock3:00
Evening Harmony4:02
Lover's Wine2:57
Mists And Rains2:06
The Irremediable4:55
The Cat3:27
The Litanies Of Satan6:50

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    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 1969-06-00, VinylFlowers Of Evil
    LP, Album, Stereo
    Limelight – LS 86066US1969US1969
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 1969, VinylFlowers Of Evil
    LP, Album, Promo
    Limelight – LS 86066US1969US1969
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2006-06-23, CDrFlowers Of Evil
    CDr, Limited Edition, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Creel Pone – 047US2006US2006
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2013-05-28, VinylFlowers Of Evil
    LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition
    Black Mass Rising – BMR003France2013France2013
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2014, VinylFlowers Of Evil
    LP, Album, Reissue, Limited Edition, Repress, clear vinyl
    Black Mass Rising – BMR003-V2France2014France2014
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2016-10-28, VinylFlowers Of Evil
    LP, Album, Reissue, Repress, Limited Edition
    Black Mass Rising – BMR003-V3France2016France2016
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2017, FileFlowers Of Evil
    9×File, FLAC, Album, Reissue
    Black Mass Rising – BMR00320172017
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, 2019, CDFlowers Of Evil
    CD, Album, Reissue
    Rhythms Productions – RPT801, Tom Thumb Music – RPT801US2019US2019
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de The Flowers Of Evil Plus, , CDrThe Flowers Of Evil Plus
    CDr, Reissue, Unofficial Release
    Dolor Del Estamago – noneUSUS
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Flowers Of Evil, , CassetteFlowers Of Evil
    Cassette, Single Sided, Reissue, Stereo
    Not On Label – noneUSUS
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    • Avatar de giantleech
      Modifié il y a un mois
      Legit, official reissue on CD from Lion Productions coming this August, 2023.
      • Avatar de letroset
        An amazing album. Chills, shivers, raptures etc. I'm surely preaching to the converted here, but this really is a good one. Anyway ...

        I was skeptical of the dog-ate-my-homework excuse about 'damaged masters' given by Black Mass Rising when called out on their egregiously poor needle-drop mp3 sourced Ruth White LPs. Sure enough, it's not true. Quelle surprise. I emailed Rhythms Productions and was told that their Ruth White CDs are from the 'original recording masters'. Anyone wanting to judge for themselves can hear these newly-mastered versions on youtube (and spotify probably, if you swing that way - I most certainly don't, thank you very much, ha) via cdbaby.

        Perhaps some kindly record label (Trunk maybe?) could get in touch with the rights holders and give us Ruth/Baudelaire fans the vinyl reissues we've wanted for so long.
        • Avatar de jwkjwk
          Modifié il y a 3 ans
          Wow I can't believe this finally got a legit CD release, on a real factory pressed CD, not a crummy CDR. The label, Rhythms Productions/Tom Thumb Music did an excellent job too. The sound quality is stellar. I had heard the master tapes were damaged, but whatever they did to restore the sound, they did a great job! And if it was taken from a clean vinyl copy, they de-clicked it, because I don't hear any pops or clicks.
          This is an incredibly inventive album, and way ahead of its time. The electronics and musique concrete on this album are masterfully done. And the treatment of the vocals adds to the eerie and dark atmosphere.
          • Avatar de Klektic
            OUT-THERE electronic settings of the poems of Charles Baudelaire composed and realized by Ruth White; ...these recordings are of an EERIE nature, haunting to the limits of the coronas of frozen eyes that, IF digested at unawares, may rend no guarantee for what it's actual up to despise... Ruth's voice is "dehumanized" and the wordz come crumblin' down like some metalized, backward-blizzard in slow-motion onto the starry-eyed roofs of the evacuated city of Lysergia! I'd recommend a cup of green-tea while listening to this!!
            • Avatar de ElectroSteak
              Does anyone know if these Black Mass Rising pressings were sourced from tapes (probably very unlikely, I know) or are needle-drops? If anyone from BMS, in particular, is able to comment please do so
              • Avatar de dr-grimm
                Sound quality of this release is quite bad.. For that price, it doesn't worth it. I always listened to the mp3 file of this album when this release was not out yet. Honestly, I still listen this album in mp3 even if I got this re-issue. SAD !
                • Avatar de agutxi
                  Limelight have a cd release too (i got it!) in a cardboard style coverart
                  • Avatar de mickeyalexandermouse
                    This was included as part of a soundtrack of the game 'Space Funeral' and it totally blew me away hearing it even in that context. "Spleen" in particular still makes chills run down my spine.
                    • Avatar de andOAR
                      Modifié il y a 4 ans
                      Yet, another vinyl re-issue falls victim to less-than-stellar mastering... Was the audio sourced from a crackly copy of the original record and run through some de-clicking software? Countless seconds have been cut out of the recordings to the point of even disrupting the rhythm of some of the music.

                      After writing the first version of this comment, I learned that the audio master the label was given access to was apparently damaged, but if that were the case, then the work should not have been released until properly restored...

                      One favorable thing I will say is that the label did an excellent job with emulating the original packaging design (even though the front cover of the second pressing has a purplish hue that screens the white parts of the design). Even the purple hue looks fine, so I have no complaints there.
                      • Avatar de dsyn2spin
                        One of the things that occurred to me back when I first heard this incredible LP in the mid-eighties
                        was that it surely must have played an important role in providing Diamanda Galas with much of
                        the basic inspiration and mood from which she used to craft her very first release which was
                        appropriately titled "The Litanies Of Satan" which I believe is one of the titles given to the
                        various poems that Baudelaire's "Flowers Of Evil" consist's of. Either way both artist's have
                        effectively captured the very essence of the dark and sinister moods which the literary
                        classic evokes. Now, while I highly recommend both artist's interpretations of this work as they
                        obviously have much in common in terms of the overall effect and mood they create for the listener. However, It is the Ruth White LP which is an absolute must hear for anyone who appreciates darker forms of
                        experimental electronic music the type of which is best relegated to the wee wee hours
                        of the night. Absolutely brilliant!

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