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Saturn Strobe
White Out
Steiner Im Flug
Seeds Of Sleep

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Pochette de This Bliss, 2007-01-26, VinylThis Bliss
2×LP, Album
Dial – dial LP 09Germany2007Germany2007
Pochette de This Bliss, 2007-01-29, CDThis Bliss
CD, Album
Dial – dial CD 09Germany2007Germany2007
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Pochette de This Bliss, 2007-01-29, CDThis Bliss
CD, Album, Promo
Dial – dial CD 09Germany2007Germany2007
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Avatar de LoupNeige
Modifié il y a 2 ans
With "This Bliss", Hendrik starts to trade some of his dusty/airy rock influences for more bells and a slightly more spiritual approach, "Walden II" or "Urlichten" having moments which sound nearly sacred, with a refreshing solemnity (yes, again, like "Diamond Daze", "This Bliss" is a piece of work made of efficient and interesting contrasts).

While "Diamond Daze" had a fiery and impetuous take on romance, here the mood is a little bit more mysterious, quiet, introverted and in the shadow. But, at the same time, the mood is also sometimes a bit more naive (in a good way) and lightful, as there are more and more twinkling moments thanks to "Moonstruck", "Eisbaden" or "Steiner Im Flug". That being said, the global aesthetics and sound design of this album are still raw and dusty like previously (and will start to sound a bit more polished with the next album, "Black Noise"). As an example, compare the bells of "Asha" or "Urlichten" to the bells used in "Black Noise" or his most recent works and you'll understand that the minimalistic, repetitiv (in a good way) and lo-fi way to use them is particularly inherent to "This Bliss". Later, the bells will have a more developped language and a less minimalistic function. Two different aesthetics. Both are efficient and pleasant to my ears and imagination (but my heart beats secretly for the first case).

To finish with "This Bliss", I also would say that The Prince delivers his masterpiece with "Saturn Strobe", which litterally sounds like a sublimated way to experience the essentials : Nature, Love, Poetry.

Like "Diamond Daze", "This Bliss" is a cornerstone, and surely one of the best things that ever happened to electronic music. The charisma of Grace & Elegance.
Avatar de scoundrel
"Asha" kicks off Pantha du Prince's second album, THIS BLISS, on a warm, melodic note even as the rhythm thuds in, while the strings on "Saturn Strobe" lend a classical elegance. But the iciness returns on the long "Walden 2," along with a deeper thrum, a mood that continues into "Moonstruck." The other long track, "Urlichten" maintains is low-key energy throughout, introducing some bell-tones into mix, while "White Out" stays darker and deeper. Some droning elements find their way onto "Florac," which gives that track an interesting textural component, which reprises somewhat in the closer, "Seeds of Sleep." But the best track here is the gorgeous "Steiner Im Flug," with its gentle and echoing chimes and its dreamy, twinkling atmosphere. Absolutely sublime.
Avatar de d.teil
this album is since 2013 censored. no sells anymore. reason: one tune has no permission.
Avatar de mjago85
From the outset, it is apparent that Pantha Du Prince's sophomore effort is a very different beast to "Diamond Daze". "This Bliss" loses most of the edge which both characterised and made for the best moments of the debut, replacing it with a cleaner, brighter, more tender outlook. The overall effect of this is a far more pretentious feel to the work in comparison to "Diamond Daze". But it is this pretentiousness that results in the album's strength; the deep, cinematic epics, "Walden 2" and "Urlichten", easily make for the most compelling moments, still feeling fresh even after 10+ minutes. Rougher tracks like "Moonstruck", "White Out" and "Florac" approach the madness of "Circle Glider", but come up short. However, this probably works better in the context of the album, as it makes the tracks with the more delicate outlook stand out a bit more.

All in all, "This Bliss" is an excellent work, but it is a few rungs short of classic status.