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    Pochette de Muta, 1993, VinylMuta
    2×LP, Album
    ACV – ACVDP005Italy1993Italy1993
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Muta, 1993, CDMuta
    CD, Album
    ACV – ACVCD005Italy1993Italy1993
    Édités récemment
    2×LP, Promo, White Label
    ACV – ACVDP005Italy1993Italy1993
    Édités récemment
    Pochette de Muta, 2017-11-23, VinylMuta
    2×LP, Album, Reissue; 12", Single Sided, White Label
    Lost In It – LII 001Italy2017Italy2017
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Muta, 2017-11-15, VinylMuta
    2×LP, Blue, 180g; 12", Single Sided, Black; All Media, Album, Limited Edition, Reissue
    Lost In It – LII001Italy2017Italy2017
    Nouvelle proposition
    Pochette de Muta, 2017-11-15, FileMuta
    9×File, WAV
    Lost In It – LII001Italy2017Italy2017
    Nouvelle proposition



    • Avatar de MISTER_DIA-TRIBE_73
      Modifié il y a 5 ans
      Definition for Muta


      Late 19th century; earliest use found in John Stainer (1840–1901), musicologist and composer. From Italian muta, imperative of mutare to change from classical Latin mūtāre.


      no object In the imperative, as a direction to a musician: change key, instrument, etc.

      What a year 1993 was! I could be at home listening to stuff like this on my turntable and then at any given moment channel into some pirate radio for some darkside jungle. Both styles went hand in hand... Leo's track with the long sweeping menace of a sound with the amazing acidick build up is immense! Stunning release that would make you realize why Rephlex would want to get in contact with him!! P.s. I wish he could have been part of the Universal Indicator series. Now that would have been something!
      • Avatar de Black_Heat_Records
        Very impressed by the sound of this reissue, nothing much to say about the music, truly a techno/ambient masterpiece from Rome.
        • Avatar de Karelspruit
          Complete bullsh*t that this record is so expensive. Come on, lower those prices !
          • Avatar de Jazzual
            Modifié il y a 18 ans

            en référence à Muta (CD, Album) ACVCD005

            This is a real lost classic of what you could call 'Goth-Techno'. Maybe not a very attractive way to describe the genre but pretty appropriate. A look at the artwork on the cover gives you a good idea of what to expect. The first 3 tracks are all masterpieces of dark, forboding yet strangly relaxing electronica. Beyond that he moves into more club oriented sounds but maintaining that dark edge. This is totally unique. I wonder what happened to Mr Anibaldi?
            • Avatar de k.felgerman
              Modifié il y a 13 ans

              en référence à Muta (CD, Album) ACVCD005

              Very strange to see how this Acid Techno junkie has changed his mind into this horrible/beautiful musical atmosphere! Very strange indeed. Nothing to do with "Cannibald - The Virtual Language", for sure.

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