Djrum*Portrait With Firewood

Label:R & S Records – RS1810
2 x Vinyle, LP, Album
Style:Modern Classical, Ambient, Broken Beat, IDM, Jungle, Techno


A2Waters Rising
VocalsLola Empire
A3Creature Pt. 1
B1Creature Pt. 2
C1Blue Violet
VocalsLola Empire
D1Showreel Pt. 3
D2 Blood In My Mouth

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Code-barres et autres identifiants

  • Code-barres (printed): 5055274708782
  • Informations sur la matrice (A-Side Runout Etching): ≠@D&M MPO® 18 34810 RS1810 A
  • Informations sur la matrice (B-Side Runout Etching): ≠@D&M MPO® 18 34895 RS1810 B
  • Informations sur la matrice (C-Side Runout Etching): ≠@D&M MPO® 18 37171 RS1810 C
  • Informations sur la matrice (D-Side Runout Etching): ≠@D&M MPO® 18 37160 RS1810 D

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Titre (Format)LabelCat N°PaysAnnée
Nouvelle proposition
Portrait With Firewood (9×File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps)R & S RecordsRS 1810Netherlands2018
Nouvelle proposition
Portrait With Firewood (2×LP, Album, Limited Edition)R & S RecordsRS1810Netherlands2018
  • Avatar de SlashCamp
    This album desperately needs a reissue. Scalper prices are getting ridiculous for this release. Such a masterpiece as well.
    • Avatar de Bronthor
      easily one of the best electronic records in my collection
      • Avatar de stereo_mike
        The work of Marina Abramović has been acknowledged as a big source of inspiration for this album, and if there is one identifiably Abramovićian attribute in it, it’s the need to “be in the moment”. One second there’s a weeping duet between cello and piano, the next it’s all drum’n’bass rhythms and highly processed vocals, but all of it feels like it belongs on the same island.
        • Avatar de nauseousNiamh
          Really need a CD edition of this. PLEASE FELIX PLEASE
          • Avatar de HAL9001
            This album is a pure sonic journey. The LP owner should be just happy.
            • Avatar de Gialegiale
              A true masterpiece. Check also showreel Pt.2 on Broken Glass Arch ep.
              • Avatar de Katsching
                It's been a year now since I've bought the vinyl of this and after listening through it many times I can finally reflect on it the best I possibly can for now:
                This album is a masterpiece. There is a common theme throughout the journey when it comes to sound design, yet every individual track sounds distinct from the others. It features a perfect balance of soothing compositions and electrifying breakbeats.
                Once a track is finished there is this brief moment when you feel disappointment that the track has to be over but with the first sound of the following track you get instantly reminded that there is so much more to feel happy about when it comes to this album.
                • Avatar de sandro__tavartk
                  Modifié il y a 2 ans
                  It has been just two days since I discovered this amazing album and must say, It's nothing that I've listened to before. A clever approach to the melodies with amazing ambient textures, packed in a solid IDM rhythm section all around. AAA+++ Must listen!

                  • Avatar de Rarephylia
                    Firewood should be warm, but you'll also feel shivers down your spine...

                    This work is a masterpiece, fresh air breeze in electronic music world. A totally new approach: emotional, organic, poetic, projected towards the future. IDM, jungle, breakbeat, everything is synthesized with a master touch. Special...

                    Also praise for the stunning artwork, evoked me remembrances of some rock paintings I saw and drew when I was a child, located in Vallée des Merveilles.

                    • Avatar de
                      Modifié il y a 2 ans
                      spiciest sound design of the year. djrum BROKE 2018. the year's broken, and heads are blown off ⚠💥☢ basically no need to listen to any other record



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