Various - Trip Through Sound 2 Mikayekel27

15 mars 2019

Holy sh*t is this boring. Comparing this 2nd version with the first is like comparing Taco Bell with Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Sure it's mainly psytrance this time around, but it's not really good psytrance.

Various - Trip Through Sound 2 Joseph_S

15 décembre 2019

Exactly, volume 1 was Goa's cherry on the cake with the cream of the crop artists while volume 2 showcases the change in sound by then with a lot of techno influenced psy-trance. Beautywise volume 2 can never hold a candle to volume 1, granted, but volume 2 is a great roundup of the upcoming 1998 sound which was heavily influenced by techno and breakbeat and that's why I prefer it to the first volume. Of course to each his own tastes ;)

Various - Trip Through Sound 2 as reviewed by Joseph_S

25 juin 2007
edité over 10 years ago

Volume 1 released in 1996 sounded (still does actually) like the best Goa Trance sampler with one of the best artist line-up ever. However part 2 released in 1998 showcased the new direction the music and the label had started to delve in. Far from Goa-trance this release explores Techno and Breaks fused with the new generation of Psy-trance.

Compilation kicks of with a pure Techno track from innovative duo Montauk P. Repetitive and lacking any trance hint, it’s a good opener. Next come the Danish masters Koxbox with a very bizarre track. It starts like a House track, then evolves into Trance, then suddenly accelerates on and on – and it finishes. Original – but too short unfortunately. Acid Rockers give us a hint of Psy-breaks in their Messages From Jupiter track. I like break beat trickery and also Drum & Bass so inevitably I have to love this innovative, minimalistic, melody-lacking yet driving cut .

The Delta give us a curiously named track which, alongside albums like “Radio” by X-Dream can be considered partly responsible for the destruction of Goa-trance and paving the way for Psy-trance sometime in 1998. True Delta style: dark and heavy, sharp metallic drum, fierce melody - a track which never dates!

Man With No Name remixes a Juno Reactor track from their fabulous Bible of Dreams album, and this is the only true old “Goa” song here. From the first seconds you can recognise the unmistakable MWNN sound but without putting off the original JR sound. The heavenly melody and the tribal drumming are still there at large.

Total Eclipse close the trip with Direct Motion, a mid-tempo track. Honestly, I think that after their 1996 album “Violent Relaxation” they totally lost it as nothing remarkable ever came out from them again. Not bad, just a good ender.

This release can still be bought for little. If you’re open-minded just get it: artist line-up and variety abound here.