Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted as reviewed by Joseph_S

12 juillet 2020
edité 6 months ago
Although I find it hard to believe error was purposely fixed especially when packaging looks more like that of a washing powder agent and discs came without artwork, on The Ultimate Drum&Bass Collection there is no such issue. I got the box sealed.

The other explanation would be that originally there were copies with the error corrected and the box (at least mine) had it that way. The matrix of the box version is SR-0009-2 Z9906H, mould code IFPI 9222, mastering code IFPI L533. If holders can check their matrix with this would be a good start.

Conversely, box owners could further confirm how their disc is.

Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted gogonzo123

2 août 2017
I had no idea what this was, just happened to look at the track listing and realised that it was DnB, which is really rare in Texas record stores. It was still shrink wrapped and everything with the sticker on the cover and security tape across the top. The two second gap is not a one-off thing that only happens to a few copies. I believe it was a manufacturing flaw that was applied to all copies. I'm sure you can rip it, burn another copy in iTunes and check the box for no gaps in between tracks to see if that helps.

Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted DJFrodo

30 mars 2011

So I bought this at a store that was closing down. Upon listening to this I realized I had bought this before when it came out, and RETURNED it! DOH, can't return this one!

While this is a "mixed" CD, there are the 2 second gaps present inbetween each track. HUGE manufacturing error! And the odds of me getting another messed up copy almost 10 years later, you would think pretty darn slim, huh? Guessing now that there are quite a few messed up pressings floating around?!

Buyers BEWARE!!!!!

Phantom 45 - Fully Sorted djantix1200

12 janvier 2016
Yup, I remember buying this and was super disappointed that there were gaps between trax.
Huge let down.