Cyberchrist - Salvation E.P. as reviewed by Cranial_Acceleration

1 janvier 2011

This green marbled record delivers three hard pounding tracks in typical DJ.Ungle Fever sweetness.

Salvation is an 8 minute, borderline hardcore acid stomper, including an ominous and very appropriate sample.

The first B-side track is probably also the most well-known track from this release. Harder and faster than Salvation, this is pure hardcore with lots of distortion on the 303.

Metempsychosis continues with the religiously-themed titles of this record. Here you will find no acid, but fear not. This is a 170 bpm journey into a very harsh aural environment, backed up by bleeping analog sounds and eardrum-piercing distortion effects.

Cyberchrist - Salvation E.P. as reviewed by xybo

3 janvier 2002

B1 - Spirit. Has one the wickeds distorted 303 basslines i've ever heard. There used to be own "djunglefever" modification for 303 available back then and i beleive it was used on this track as well. I originally found this tune from Braindead 1 collection (shockwave) and after that seeked it for years...

Cyberchrist - Salvation E.P. Krusty_0

8 juillet 2018
edité over 3 years ago

you probably know already but if not check out Cranefly Warriors Volume 2 , track "Mary Juana" uses very similar distortion, the whole release is just as good as this one
EDIT: i just realized this comment is over 16 years old