Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab tyousma

27 juin 2015
Just got this :P the catalogue number on the runout says XINO-1 for both sides (not XINO-1A / 1B)
Nothing wrong with my copy? Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab tyousma

23 juillet 2015
mine plays at 45 rpm... definitely a counterfeit.

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab tyousma

16 juillet 2015
So you got this bootleg copy too? French seller?

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab tyousma

27 juin 2015
However have to check sound quality

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab tyousma

27 juin 2015
Also label looks flatter than the one on pictures..

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab TomCE

17 mars 2010
Turbine is my favourite track ever. I had known about this famously overpriced curiosity for quite a while, and I had heard the track a few years ago on the Bleep43 Drexciya mix - but I didn't know what it was until recently. When I heard The Countdown has Begun and realised it wasn't the same track.... aaargh! Nightmare. Raw, direct, animated and evocative sounds in the same spirit as I-Fs I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less. Brilliant.

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab as reviewed by tekkno-guy

3 mars 2009
Well, I have finally heard this one and can say with out a word of doubt that it is not worth the hype. Yes, it is extremely rare. Yes, it is James Stinson's first release on vinyl. Yeah, so what if it never made it to the UK and Europe for proper record store sales. And there are rumors that James didn't really like the record so a lot of the copies sat in his basement in Detroit.

It just isn't what I would call an amazing Electro record. I tend to think that a lot of the early Detroit releases are better, Ultradyne, and almost all of his Drexciya stuff. I think that the only release that James did that I like even less is "Balance of Terror."

There is a bright side though, I really love the track Data Transfer. I find it to be incredibly smooth and has just the right amount of funk sprinkled on top. If someone were to put out a James Stinson's greatest hits album, DT certainly would be one of the highlights.

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab Bambadeng

7 juillet 2016
Totally agreed... although I only own the repress to me as well the only reason having this is Data Transfer. That's also why I never would go for the original release given the prices. In total I consider this release a waste of time and money. This whole gangster thing just doesn't fit the mood and the raps seem somewhat clumsy and dilettantish. And it's definitely not what I would expect from a record most people associate with Drexciya-style music. Again on this record only Data Transfer can make up for this. Overall, I can totally see why James Stinson might have not liked it himself.

Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab as reviewed by TurnOff

15 octobre 2007
Hyperspace Sound Lab is an extremely rare and important record. The tracks found on this release are the first works ever committed to vinyl by James 'Drexciya' Stinson.

James Stinson chose the alias, 'Clarence G' as a reference to an author 'Clarence G. Hamilton' who wrote books regarding music theory and music history. Some of the titles of the books are:

- Epochs in Musical Progress
- Outlines of Music History
- Sound: And Its Relation To Music
- Touch and Expression in Piano Playing

Drexciya, James Stinson, were very secretive in their production techniques and influences, but this is one of many Drexciyan mysteries solved.


Clarence (6) - Hyperspace Sound Lab as reviewed by Dubserver

9 octobre 2007

This is a very obscure an sought after 12"inch by the master James M Stinson.Dated 1991 it can be seen as one of the earlier works of him.The track 'Clarence G's Club ' is sort of a speed up Electro/Hip-Hop track same as 'Cause I Said It Right'But the more interesting tracks are 'Turbine'where ,if you are familiar with his other work hear a lot of Drexciya influence ,or the other way around.It has the same intro as 'The countdown has begun" and the same drum patterns to.For me the track that stands out is deffo
'Data transfer'.Killing bass line shame its a little short .On the second hand market the 12'inch' prices go sky even up to 600 700 dollars.Probably more than the maker made himself!