VariousA Tasty Swarm Of Small Signals

Label:störung – str008
DVD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Abstract, Drone, Noise, Experimental


13 Sightings Of The Artist In The Dreams Of Others
1James WebbPiglet
2James WebbTangier Plant Radio
3James WebbSuction Kokura Station
4James WebbNagori Yuki
5James WebbEnd Of Cities
6James WebbSlurp Fish
7James WebbMercury In Retrograde
8James WebbBird Watching Made Difficult
9James WebbCosmo Passage
10James WebbTropical Depression
11James WebbBy Violent Sea
12James WebbBlack Honey
13James WebbPiglet Sleeps Sleepy
Densities In Air
14Lawrence EnglishChorus
15Lawrence EnglishTaped Magnetic
16Lawrence EnglishCloaked Storms
17Lawrence EnglishSaturation
18Lawrence EnglishThin Veneer
19Lawrence EnglishThe Uttering
20Lawrence EnglishMuted Bunting
21Lawrence EnglishDrawn To
22Lawrence EnglishWithin Reach
23Lawrence EnglishForked Reservoir
24Lawrence EnglishHeard Through Sand
25Lawrence EnglishThe Guarding Thicket
26Lawrence EnglishReprise
27Francisco LópezUntitled #251
28Francisco LópezUntitled #252
29Francisco LópezUntitled #253
30Francisco LópezUntitled #254
31Francisco LópezUntitled #255
32Francisco LópezUntitled #256
33Francisco LópezUntitled #257
34Francisco LópezUntitled #258
35Francisco LópezUntitled #259
36Francisco LópezUntitled #260
37Francisco LópezUntitled #261
38Francisco LópezUntitled #262
39Francisco LópezUntitled #263
40Asmus TietchensVektor 01
41Asmus TietchensVektor 02
42Asmus TietchensVektor 03
43Asmus TietchensVektor 04
44Asmus TietchensVektor 05
45Asmus TietchensVektor 06
46Asmus TietchensVektor 07
47Asmus TietchensVektor 08
48Asmus TietchensVektor 09
49Asmus TietchensVektor 10
50Asmus TietchensVektor 11
51Asmus TietchensVektor 12
52Asmus TietchensVektor 13
53Louis DufortChant_1
54Louis DufortContre-Chant_1
55Louis DufortAmalgame_1
56Louis DufortChant_2
57Louis DufortContre-Chant_2
58Louis DufortAmalgame_2
59Louis DufortChant_3
60Louis DufortContre-Chant_3
61Louis DufortAmalgame_3
62Louis DufortChant_4
63Louis DufortContre-Chant_4
64Louis DufortAmalgame_4
65Louis DufortHomenaje
66Alan Courtis*Radil 01
67Alan Courtis*Radil 02
68Alan Courtis*Radil 03
69Alan Courtis*Radil 04
70Alan Courtis*Radil 05
71Alan Courtis*Radil 06
72Alan Courtis*Radil 07
73Alan Courtis*Radil 08
74Alan Courtis*Radil 09
75Alan Courtis*Radil 10
76Alan Courtis*Radil 11
77Alan Courtis*Radil 12
78Alan Courtis*Radil 13
79Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase I
80Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase II
81Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase III
82Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase IV
83Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase V
84Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase VI
85Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase VII
86Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase VIII
87Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase IX
88Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase X
89Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase XI
90Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase XII
91Zbigniew KarkowskiPolyphase XIII



A collection of 2-minute radio micro-compositions by sound artists from across the globe.

DVD (audio only) / 24-bit / Total length: 3 hours

Playable in any DVD player or computer.
Good speakers/headphones highly recommended.

Code-barres et autres identifiants

  • Code-barres: 8 424094 010394
  • Autre : D.L B-35810-2010



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