VariousSounds Of Silence - The Most Intriguing Silences In Recording History!

Label:Alga Marghen – plana-VA alga046
Série:Sound-Houses – 3
Vinyle, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition


A1No ArtistInvitation Au Club St Hilaire - Single Side0:10
A2Son Of PeteDisco Party Part 23:01
A3No ArtistThe BunaB No. 5 - Companion To TV (Excerpt)1:11
A4Andy WarholSilence (Copyright 1932)
A5No ArtistListen To The Quiet - B-Side2:04
A6The Count BackwardsB-Side3:41
A7No ArtistBarclay - Disque De Silence, A-Side2:15
A8John Lennon & Yoko OnoTwo Minutes Silence2:00
A9No ArtistThe Nothing Record - A-Side (Excerpt)0:44
A10No ArtistPastiche, Carnage, Sabotage 2 - A Minute Silence1:00
A11Marcel MarceaoThe Best Of Marcel Marceao (Excerpt)
ProducerMichael Viner
A12No ArtistThe Nothing Record Album - The Sound Of The One Hand Clapping2:35
A13Maurice LemaîtreLe Crochet (Œuvre Sup)2:18
A14Ciccone Youth(Silence)1:04
A15Sly & The Family StoneThere's A Riot Goin' On
B1CrassThe Sound Of Free Speech1:00
B2No ArtistAudiodisc Videotronic Group - Testpressning (Sic)2:36
B3No ArtistThe Wit And Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan (Excerpt)0:55
B4WhitehouseBirthdeath Experience2:02
B5John DenverThe Ballad Of Richard Nixon0:07
B7The West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandAnniversary Of World War III1:37
B8Robert WyattSilence0:30
B9John LennonNutopian International Anthem0:03
B10OrbitalAre We Here? (Criminal Justice Bill?)4:00
B11The Planets (4)A One Minute Silence1:00
B12Valerie Gee's Car BandPensées Et Maximes De V.G.E (Thoughts And Sayings Of V.G.E)6:55
B13Afrika Bambaataa & FamilyBeware (The Funk Is Everywhere) (Silent Version)
B14Yves Klein / Charles WilpPrince Of Space (Excerpt)0:35
B15No ArtistAudio Test Record Shure - Silent Grooves1:47

Sociétés, etc.



Comes in gatefold with additional printed inner sleeve.
Limited to 500 copies.

A-side credits:
Track A1 is taken from "Self produced, France, 1973, 7-inch flexi / 33 rpm"

Track A2 is taken from Son Of Pete - Silent Knight, Beserkley, USA, 1976, 7-inch / 45 rpm

Track A3 is taken from The Bunab No. 5 / Orville K. Snav & Associates, USA, 1957, LP / 78, 45, 33, 16 rpm

Track A4 is taken from Various - The Other East Village, ESP-Disk, USA, 1966, LP / 33 rpm

Track A5 is taken from a promotional 7-inch for the launch of Joe Bushkin - Listen To The Quiet, Capitol, USA

Track A6 is taken from the B-side of The Count Backwards - Double Decker Bus, Big City, USA, 1994, 7-inch / 45 rpm

Track A7 is taken from a 7-inch released by Barclay: "Disque De Silence, Barclay, France, 1965-69, 7-inch / 45 rpm"

Track A8 is taken from John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions, Zapple, UK, 1969, LP / 33 rpm

Track A9 is taken from The Nothing Record, Murray Hill Records, USA, 1978, LP / 33 rpm

Track A10 is taken from Pastiche, Carnage, Sabotage 2, Koka Media, France, 1991, CD

Track A11 is taken from The Best Of Marcel Marceao, MGM, USA, 1970, LP / 33 rpm

Track A12 is taken from The Nothing Record Album, Solid Gold Records Canada, 1980, LP / 78, 33, 45 rpm

Track A13 is taken from "Maurice Lemaître - Centre de créativité, France, 1971, 7-inch / 45 rpm"

Track A14 is taken from Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album, Enigma Records, USA, 1988, LP / 33 rpm

Track A15 is taken from Sly & The Family Stone - There's a Riot Goin' On, EPIC, USA, 1971, LP / 33 rpm

B-side credits:
Track B1 is taken from Crass - The Feeding of the Five Thousand, Small Wonder Records, UK, 1978, 12-inch EP / 45 rpm

Track B2 is taken from "Tespressning [Sic], Audiodisc Videotronic Group, Sweden, date unknown, LP / 33 rpm"

Track B3 is taken from The Wit And The Wisdom Of Ronald Reagan, Magic Records, UK, 1980, LP / 33 rpm

Track B4 is taken from Whitehouse - Birthdeath Experience, Come Organisation, UK, 1980, LP / 33 rpm

Track B5 is taken from John Denver - Rhymes & Reasons, RCA, USA, 1969, LP / 33 rpm

Track B6 is taken from Soulfly - 3, Roadrunner Records, USA, 2002, CD

Track B7 is taken from The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol.3, A Child's Guide To Good & Evil, Reprise records, USA, 1968, LP / 33 rpm

Track B8 is taken from Robert Wyatt - Cuckooland, Hannibal Records, UK, 2003, CD

Track B9 is taken from John Lennon - Mind Games, Apple Records, USA, 1973, LP / 33 rpm

Track B10 is taken from Orbital - Are We Here?, Internal, UK, 1994, CD Maxi Single

Track B11 is taken from The Planets - Classical Graffiti, EMI, UK, 2002, CD

Track B12 is taken from Valerie Gees's Car Band - Un Président pour la France, Les Disques Invisibles Virgin, France, 1981, 7-inch / 45 rpm

Track B13 is taken from Afrika Bambaataa & Family - Beware (The Funk Is Everywhere), Tommy Boy Music, USA, 1986, LP / 33 rpm

Track B14 is taken from Yves Klein / Charles Wilp - Musik Der Leere, Sight & Sound Production Resco, Germany, 1959, LP / 33 rpm

Track B15 is taken from An Audio Obstacle Course, Shure Trackability Test Record, USA, 1967, LP / 33 rpm

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Sounds Of Silence - The Most Intriguing Silences In Recording History! (LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Repress)Alga Marghenplana-VA alga046Italy2016


  • Avatar de ADO16
    As advertised. Each track has its own unique quality of silence!
    • Avatar de squeakyd39
      I’m a performance artist in the midst of a lifelong performance based on this record.
      I purchased it soon after its release, and it will never be opened and played, thus ensuring that the efforts of all involved will be honored to the ultimate extent.
      Perfect execution of intention.
      • Avatar de HM-2
        Stéphane Rives totally nailed it with the mastering of this one. The pure analog clarity achieved through my $10,000 tube preamp will tell them that vinyl is superior to CD. Kill for a copy.
        • O.Fodder
          More of a novelity item than anything and a funny one to boot. Compiling silences directly from varied vinyl pressings opposed to sourcing masters (that would even be more funny) just makes this release one you simply cannot take seriously. And why? Smile, read the liners and listen to the crackle.

          Waste of resources? Oh yea!

          For hipsters and posers? Au contraire. Just don't take this thing seriously, at all. Reminds me of The Nothing Record Album in many ways: and if you buy this album you can have a bit of the Nothing Record Album included! WOW!

          • Avatar de coldwar1977
            Modifié il y a 8 ans
            What a decadent waste of resources. The perfect record for poseurs though.



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