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    Elmore James & His BroomdustersThe Classic Early Recordings: 1951-1956

    Label:Ace – ABOXCD4
    3 x CD, Compilation, Remastered
    Style:Electric Blues, Chicago Blues, Rhythm & Blues


    Canton Crusade - Disc 1
    1Dust My Broom
    2Please Find My Baby (Version 1)
    3Hawaiian Boogie (Version 1)
    4Please Find My Baby (Version 2)
    5Hand In Hand
    6Long Tall Woman
    7Rock My Baby Right
    8One More Drink (Take 1)
    9My Baby's Gone
    10One More Drink (Take 2)
    11Lost Woman Blues aka Please Find My Baby (Version 3)
    12I Believe
    13Preview I Held My Baby Last Night
    14Baby, What's Wrong
    15Sinful Women
    16Round House Boogie aka Sax Symphonic Boogie
    17Dumb Woman Blues
    18Sax-Ony Boogie
    19Kickin' The Blues Around
    20I May Be Wrong (Boogie Woogie)
    21Sweet Little Woman
    Broomdusting In Chicago - Disc 2
    1Early In The Morning
    2Can't Stop Lovin'
    3Hawaiian Boogie (Version 2)
    4Make A Little Love
    5My Best Friend (Take 1)
    6Make My Dreams Come True (Take 2)
    7Make My Dreams Come True (Take 3)
    8Make My Dreams Come True (Take 4)
    9Make My Dreams Come True (Take 7)
    10Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 1)
    11Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 2)
    12Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 3)
    13Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 4)
    14Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 5)
    15Strange Kinda Feeling (Take 6)
    16Dark And Dreary (Take 1)
    17Dark And Dreary (Take 2)
    18Dark And Dreary (Take 4)
    19Quarter Past Nine
    20Where Can My Baby Be (Take 1)
    21Where Can My Baby Be (Take 8)
    22Where Can My Baby Be (Take 9)
    23Please Come Back To Me (Sho 'nuff I Do)
    24Sho' Nuff I Do (Session talk & false start)
    25Sho' Nuff I Do (Alternate take)
    26Sho' Nuff I Do
    271839 Blues
    28I Got A Strange Baby (False start & chat)
    29Canton, Mississippi Breakdown
    Culver City To The Crescent City - Disc 3
    1Standing At The Crossroads
    2Late Hours At Midnight
    3Happy Home
    4 Sunnyland
    5Mean And Evil
    6Mean And Evil
    7Dust My Blues
    8I Was A Fool
    9Blues Before Sunrise
    10Goodbye Baby
    11So Mean To Me (Take 2)
    12So Mean To Me (Take 3)
    13So Mean To Me (Take 4)
    14(Chat & False Start To) Wild About You Baby
    15Wild About You
    16Wild About You (Baby)
    17Elmo's Shuffle (Take 3)
    18Elmo's Shuffle (Take 4)
    19Elmo's Shuffle (Take 5)
    20Long Tall Woman
    21Long Tall Woman

    Sociétés, etc.


    His complete recorded output from 1951 to 1956. The set includes many previously unknown and unreleased takes, plus an illustrated 40-page booklet.

    71 Tracks on 3 CDs

    Track 1-16 & 1-17: featuring Bep Brown Orchestra
    Track 1-20 & 1-21: featuring Little Johnny Jones & The Chicago Hound Dogs

    Code-barres et autres identifiants

    • Code-barres: 0 29667 00042 0
    • Code du label: LC 05982
    • Informations sur la matrice (Disc 1): SOUND PERFORMANCE [logo] 020 8691 2121 ABOXCD4
    • Code mastering IFPI (Disc 1): IFPI LP76
    • Code du moule IFPI (Disc 1): IFPI AAHY2
    • Informations sur la matrice (Disc 2): SOUND PERFORMANCE [logo] 020 8691 2121 ABOXCD4-2
    • Code mastering IFPI (Disc 2): IFPI LP76
    • Code du moule IFPI (Disc 2): IFPI AAHY2
    • Informations sur la matrice (Disc 3): SOUND PERFORMANCE [logo] 020 8691 2121 ABOXCD4-3
    • Code mastering IFPI (Disc 3): IFPI LP76
    • Code du moule IFPI (Disc 3): IFPI AAHY2

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    The Classic Early Recordings: 1951-1956 (3×CD, Compilation, long box)AceABOXCD 4Germany1993
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    The Classic Early Recordings: 1951-1956 (3×CD, Compilation, Box Set)Flair, Virgin7243 8 39631 2 6US1993
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    The Classic Early Recordings: 1951-1956 (3×CD, Compilation, long box, Box Set, )P-Vine RecordsPCD-3023/4/5Japan1993